Enjoying The Outdoors In Arizona

SAM_3049We have had such beautiful weather here in Glendale, AZ recently.  It is cool in the mornings and then it’s flip flops and shorts weather in the afternoons.  Perfect!!!  So Saturday, my husband and I spent some time out in the yard.  We don’t have grass but there was still plenty to do.  We pulled weeds (I mean, he pulled weeds). Oh, and remember the sprinkler incident?  I accidentally hit the sprinkler system and broke it…I got my second shower of the day.  Haha!  Dave had to run to the hardware store to buy replacement parts.  It all got fixed but it was an hour out of his day he wasn’t planning on.  He then made a cover for the sprinkler system so it won’t happen again. You can see it here.

Some awesome clients (and friends) stopped by to discuss their daughter’s wedding plans.  She’s getting married in of San Diego, CA overlooking the ocean so we picked out colors, furniture pieces for me to paint, picture frames and signs.  It’s going to be such a fun and beautiful wedding.

Anyway, back to the outside of our house.  We decided to glam up the little brick patio by the pool, adding a table setting for two and some flowers.  Dave spotted this extra old window we had in the garage and hung it on the wall.  LOVE it!!!  To be honest, our pool equipment hangs right above it but I cropped it out of the pictures.  It just doesn’t look quite as glamorous with a big pole and net in the photo.SAM_3051These are just some extra dishes we picked up at an auction.  They were in a box filled with other things we wanted but hey, they look pretty good right here don’t you think?SAM_3050The flowers were actually cut from a neighboring house.  The house is vacant and the bushes and trees are all hanging over our fence.  It looks really pretty so I’m not complaining.SAM_3052And here’s the view from our little patio.  It’s too chilly to be swimming but I still enjoy just having the water to gaze at.  It makes me happy!!!

Yep, that’s the king size headboard leaning up against the back wall still awaiting it’s makeover.  In-case you don’t remember, we’re going to turn it into a bench.  I’m going to make some bright colored pillows for it and we’ll place it in the center of the back wall.  We’re going to remove that bush, it’s too big for the space.  It’s hard to walk between it and the pool during the summer when it spreads out.

We ended our day with a trip to Costco and had dinner there!  My husband gets off so easy.  It doesn’t take much to make me happy!  I just enjoy spending time with him.

Until next time…

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  1. So envious that you are sitting outside. Oh I guess I can do that too if I want to wrap myself in a thermal blanket, boots, balaclava and mittens. That’s the joy of living in Canada in January.

    Your little tea spot looks so welcoming.

    • You need to come here for the winter!!! Canada is SO pretty but the winters are… shall we say ~ Brrrrrrr. Hopefully you’ll get an early Spring! Keep warm ~ Judy

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