A Friend To The Rescue


I’ve got sing the praises today for a wonderful, sweet and talented friend.  Are you wondering who I am talking about?  Her name is Karen.  I met her through blogging and she lives right her in Arizona.  When I first moved here, I started this blog.  I created it myself through trial and error using Blogger.  As I explored blogland, I came across this beautiful blog named My Desert Cottage.   Oh my goodness, I enjoyed spending time reading her posts and how lovely everything looked.  Then…I found out she created blogs on Blogger professionally (Valentine Design).  Wow, I wondered if she could answer some of my questions?  I quickly sent her an email and she responded right away with such kindness.  She answered my questions and then explained how she could enhance my blog and what it would cost.  A couple of months later, I hired her and we instantly became friends.


If you have a Blogger blog, this is a “must have” book.

This year, I decided to make the switch to WordPress, as my business was growing and I was advised to change over now rather than later.  Karen had never worked with WordPress so I had to hire someone else who did a beautiful job transferring over from Blogger and making the blog what it is today.  Unfortunately,  just a few months later, for whatever reason, all my graphics, background, buttons, etc…disappeared.  My husband and I spent hours trying to figure it out.  We were able to replace enough to keep the blog running but it looked awful.  It was truly sad.  To be honest, it took the fun right out of blogging for me.

Then, a joyous moment happened.  I saw Karen at Junk In The Trunk and she said she was moving forward with learning how to use WordPress!  Yay, this was music to my ears.  This past weekend, I gave her my password to go behind the scenes and see what she could do.  Within a couple of hours she could see what needed to be done and figured out how to re-code the items we were missing and put them back.  A TRUE MIRACLE WORKER as far as I’m concerned.  I feel like she saved my “blogging” life! REALLY!!!

Needless to say, I’ve always been a HUGE supporter of Karen’s work and have referred several friends to her.  I’m excited for the day, and for her, when I can advertise she is up and running making beautiful blogs using WordPress too.  For now, if you are using Blogger and want to elevate it to the next level…she’s the one you want to contact.  She super nice, knowledgeable, quick to respond and highly professional.


I’m taking her out this week for “thank you” and “celebration” lunch!  You never know what may come up and how you can touch someone’s life in a positive way.  I can tell you, Karen’s friendship and her willingness to help me, has truly touched MY life.

Thank you Karen from the bottom of my heart!!!  You are the BEST!!! ♥♥♥

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  1. Oh my goodness Judy… you are such a sweetheart for saying such nice things. 🙂 I am so happy I was able to help you and I am excited about adding another blogging platform to my offerings!!! I am looking forward to lunch and maybe “picking your brain” about a few things!!
    Thanks again for such a glowing recommendation!!!

  2. Your blog is gorgeous and you are so fortunate to have someone like Karen. How nice of you to thank her publicly too! Whenever she is ready to work on WP I would love to hire her. I transferred to WP last summer and still have a lot of little “issues” and can’t seem to find someone who has time to help do some fine tuning.

    Happy new year to you dear Judy and many blessings in 2014,

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