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PicMonkey Collage 1I’m so excited to share with you a wonderful new resource by One Kings Lane named Home Decor Resource.  Do you have a favorite chair at home?  Did you pick it up at an estate sale or auction?  Are you wondering about it’s history, what era it’s from, etc…?  Well, Home Decor Resource can help you with just that.


I have shared the makeover of this chair with you before but when One Kings Lane asked me if I would share about a favorite chair of mine, I knew exactly what one that would be.  Let me refresh your memory…SAM_2088Here’s what it looked like before.  Covered with a blue jean material (and a big stain on the seat).SAM_2089I considered just replacing the seat cover for a few moments but in the end, I knew it had to have a complete makeover.SAM_3563I carefully took off the old upholstery to use as a pattern and reused the pipping.SAM_3568I had fun with the mix of fabrics.SAM_3569I wanted that old Paris, frenchy look so I layered on a mixture of CeCe Caldwell’s Paints to achieve this and then sealed it with waxing cream.  To see more details regarding this process visit my original post here.  As a retailer of CeCe Caldwell’s Paints, you can now purchase paint directly from me online hereSAM_3575This was the trickiest part of the whole project.  Securing the piping just right so that the top would screw back on.  I think it took me three times before I finally got it right.SAM_3571I originally was going to sell it but I decided it was a keeper.  It now sits in our living room.  I love the neutral tones of the fabric I chose.  It fits in every room of our home.  The style fits into our cottage theme and although I’m in the process of changing to a more “Farmhouse Glam” style, it’s still going to fit in.

“An upholstered, low profile arm chair makes a comfortable seat that maximizes space and style.”  This is a quote right from the Home Decor Resource.  And it’s so true!  I think this chair has loads of character but more importantly it fits me!  I’m only 5′ tall and both feet can touch the ground when I sit in this sweet little chair.  Just another reason why it’s my favorite.

Here’s a photo of my next project.  I have a pair of these beauties and I can’t wait to get started!!!SAM_4221

Until next time ~


One Kings Lane did not pay me or compensate me in any way for this review.  But I am honored to be asked by them to share this new resource.

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  1. I love re-doing old chairs. I’m working on my upholstery skills. I’m a long way from this level of beautiful work. Love the different fabrics on the front and back. Gorgeous.

    • Thanks so much Heather. Believe me…I’m still working on my upholstery skills too. I remember when I was a child and watching my mom reupholster some of our furniture pieces. She had taken a class at a community college. I really need to do that too someday. I’m sure it would speed up the process! 🙂

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