Pantry Makeover using Chalkboard Paint

Pantry Makeover using Chalkboard PaintToday was the day for the center pantry makeover at our condo!  Our goal is to have it on the market within the next two weeks.  Can we do it?

Eek!  The pantry really needed a good cleaning first.  I dove in head first!!!

Condo Rehab Project Pantry Makeover (4)Before

Condo Rehab Project Pantry Makeover (1)After a coat of Pure White inside and out.Condo Rehab Project Pantry Makeover (2)Next, I rolled on two coats of chalkboard paint.  I’ll check it tomorrow and see if it needs more.  Once we’re finished remodeling I’ll season the chalkboard and come up with something clever to write on it!!!  May need your help!

Condo Rehab Project Pantry Makeover (3)The bottom door will be removed, holes filled and painted.  (I wasn’t strong enough to get it off today.  It’s been painted on by the previous owners.)  I need the hub’s man power to handle this job!

Sink InstallationDave cut the hold for the sink the other day.  This was the first time I had seen it.  Yay, it looks GREAT!!!  Today he had a friend come help him put up the beadboard ceiling in the sun room.  Whew, that was a BIG job.  They also installed a brand new door and casing from the sun room to the back patio/golf cart pad.  We are now secure!  Whoohoo!  More photos will come later.

Hope you’re having a FABULOUS week so far ~ Judy

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