Charmed In Chippy White

When I recently finished  The Most Charming Bookcase for a client using white paint and a power sander, I knew I had to have more.  (I just posted about the bookcase last week)  This little accent table was just the ticket.  As soon as I walked out into my garage, it spoke to me.  (Not really, I’m just trying to make the story seem more exciting than it really was.  Haha)  But I did know that this would be the perfect candidate for this treatment since the finish on this table was pretty much gone and down to raw wood.

Chippy White Table ~ Vintage Street Designs (1)So Shabby Chic, don’t you think? BeforeSee I told you, it was pretty wore out. Chippy White Table ~ Vintage Street Designs (2)So cute now!  I brushed on two quick layers of CeCe Caldwell’s Vintage White then headed outside in the 100 + degree heat to power sand.  But first, I changed into my swimsuit so I’d be ready to jump in the pool as soon as I was done.
Chippy White Table ~ Vintage Street Designs (5)My plan worked.  Even though it only took a few minutes to sand, I was dripping sweat down my face.  I know…sounds gross but it’s just the hard truth.  Sometimes this job is not so glamorous.   Ok, let’s face it, most of time it’s not.  But I LOVE it!  Best job in the world!!!  I ran and jumped in the pool.  Ahhh!!! Chippy White Table ~ Vintage Street Designs (10)I was actually thinking I would replace these wooden knobs for crystal but then decided they’d probable be cute just beat up with the sander too.  Yep, I was right!  They are keepers!!! chalkboard overlayThis is just me playing around with Pic Monkey’s Chalkboard Backgrounds.  Looks a little messy but fun! Chippy White Table ~ Vintage Street Designs (3)Full of character, it’s ready for a new home where it can be cherished and loved.

Side note:  See the preserved boxwood?  I have a boxwood in my backyard so I thought I would try to do a little preserving of my own.  I’ll let you know how it goes.  I was lucky, I found this one at TJ Maxx for just $9.99.  Can’t beat that price!

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  1. Looks great! I love doing these old worn finishes on rustic things like these tables.

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