World Market 2013 Inspirations

What a FUN trip!  My husband and I started out on Sunday morning for a quick 4 1/2 hour drive to Las Vegas.  Dave found us a great deal at the Rio for just $19.99 a night and with driving the Prius, the cost was just $20.00 each way in gas.  Can’t beat that!!!  This just gave me more money to spend at Market!!!  We were fortunate to have friends vacationing in Vegas so we met up with them Sunday night for dinner.  A GREAT way to start off the week!

World Market Center (3)Monday morning we woke up early so we could pick up our client/friend at the airport.  She spent all day Monday and Tuesday with us.  It was awesome!  Dave pulled the case to carry all our catalogs, purses, etc… and did all the negotiations while Kim and I just shopped.World Market Center (1)Three incredible buildings full of product ranging from mattresses to Christmas trees!  It’s imperative to have good walking shoes!World Market Center 2013 (2)Beautiful displays.  Here is wallpaper made out of material and framed.  Absolutely gorgeous, right?World Market Center 2013 (4)Of-coarse, I spent a lot of time looking at painted furniture pieces.World Market Center 2013 (5)This buffet is very similar to one I just finished.  Good to see I’m on track!World Market Center 2013 (3)Cute little chair.  I really like the finish on the wood.World Market Center 2013 (7)Mirror display.  This vendor was over-the-top in ornate furniture but it was really fun to stroll through and see all the different design work.World Market Center 2013 (1)See, I told you there were Christmas trees!  Fantastic Christmas decorating ideas abounded throughout the Marketplace.  Most of these photos came from Dave’s cell phone.  I just kept saying take a picture of this, Oh, take a picture of that!  He was so sweet!!!

Las Vegas 2013 (16)We took some time to enjoy the interiors of the season at the Bellagio.  They always do such an amazing job.Las Vegas 2013 (14)

Las Vegas 2013 (13)

Las Vegas 2013 (4)

Las Vegas 2013 (2)This bird was made out of bird seed.  So cool.

Las Vegas 2013 (1)

 We had a safe trip home on Thursday and I got right to work painting!  Unfortunately, I woke up Friday feeling not so great and by Saturday…full blown cold.  Yuk!  I have to get better right away.  I leave again on Thursday to fly to Spokane WA. for my High School Class Reunion and to spend time with my family.  Dave is going to stay home to “man the fort”.  Lots of exciting things happening around here right now.  I’ll be making an announcement on Monday so stay tuned!!!

Until then…enjoy your weekend!!!

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