What? Paint Without Brushes? Tutorial

OK my friends, do I have a project for you!!!  The other night I was looking for inspirations for what to do with these wonderful side tables I picked up.  I turned to my blogger friends and found this painting technique from Lake Girl Paints.  You’ll want to hop over and check out her amazing little table as well.  This project was so much fun I just had to share it with you in hopes that you’ll want to give it a try.

Paint Without Brushes ~ Tutorial

Paint Without Brushes ~ Beachy Nightstands (16)The first thing you do is gather the paint colors you want to use and a few pieces of card stock.  Cut the card stock in 3″ strips, then fold in half.  Yep, this is going to replace your brush.  Then, I painted a solid base coat of gray on mine but you don’t have to.  You could just leave it in it’s natural state if you’d like.

Paint Without Brushes ~ Beachy Nightstands (17)Then you dip the folded edge of your card stock into the paint.  You can use two, three or as many colors as you’d like.  Start on one edge and begin spreading the paint in a straight line.

Paint Without Brushes ~ Beachy Nightstands (18)For the remainder stripes, I used the straight edge of a yardstick to keep me in line.  If you run out of paint (which you will) just dip again and keep on going.  You don’t want it to be perfect or it won’t look natural.  I LOVE all the texture and beachy feel acquired with this technique.

Paint Without Brushes ~ Beachy Nightstands (1)Here they are side by side as soon as I finished before adding wax.

Here’s the yummy colors I used from CeCe Caldwell’s Paints collection:

Base coat:  Seattle Mist

Stripes:  Dover White, Seattle Mist, Blue Montana Sky, Alaskan Tundra Green, Chesapeake Blue and Georgia Clay

Paint Without Brushes ~ Beachy Nightstands (13)I added clear wax which just deepened the colors and then delivered them to my space at A Mad Hatter.

Paint Without Brushes ~ Beachy Nightstands (11)I didn’t have the new crystal knobs yet so once I organized my space and added all my new pieces, I ran to Hobby Lobby and picked these knobs up.  I then returned and added them to the drawers.  The original hardware was beautiful but no longer fit the coastal inspired finish.  I’ll save them for something else.

Paint Without Brushes ~ Beachy Nightstands (8)I have to say…my husband thought I was crazy when he saw what I was doing but I’m totally in love!

Paint Without Brushes ~ Beachy Nightstands (12)Here’s a close up.  I took a power sander to the entire piece once the paint was dry so it would have a more worn and weathered look.

Paint Without Brushes ~ Beachy Nightstands (14)So there ya have it!  Do you think you’ll give it a try?  If you have kids, it would be a fun project to do with them (maybe for a wood sign).  It would be less messy than finger painting, right?  I painted both table tops in less than an hour.  Once you get the first stripe done, it’s not scary anymore, I promise!

Until next time…happy painting!

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  1. So great! Love the color palette you chose.
    They look so good.

  2. That is really cool! I love the look you created!

  3. Neat effect. It looks like separate boards put together instead of one solid top.

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