The Final Reveal

Friday was the Final Reveal of my client’s dining room!  Talk about a fun day…showing up with a truck load of new furniture they had never seen and a complete redesign for this lovely couple!Final Reveal (23)First things first, we started with a beautiful new chandelier as the centerpiece of the room.  I had picked this out especially for them at Market in LasVegas a couple of weeks ago.Final Reveal (9)Next, the dining room table moved into place.  I chose a two-tone finish using CeCe Caldwell’s Vintage White and Young Kansas Wheat.  If you missed any of the earlier posts, the homeowners plan to use this space for entertaining and playing games.  They have another dining area for eating and really wanted this space to function in a different way.Final Reveal (8)

Final Reveal (14)The chairs turned out beautifully with their newly upholstered cushy seats.Final Reveal (17)Closeup

SAM_0487Love this fabric, a perfect match to their already installed drapes.Final Reveal (7)You can’t have a game room without storage right?  Here’s the link to all the finishing details of this dramatic makeover.  Jeanene, my client, had already been shopping for accessories and had so many beautiful things for me to decorate with.  I just brought along a few treasures to mix in with hers.  My only contribution to this gorgeous vignette is the vase sitting on a couple of vintage books.  If I can save my clients money by using existing items they already own, all the better!2Before
Final Reveal (4)And now…

The goal was to open up the room.  With a little rearranging of the furniture, I was able to accomplish just that!  The table has a large leaf that can be added when entertaining.  The rocking chairs can easily be turned as needed for visiting during large gatherings.1The living room before photo.Final Reveal (3)After…they really wanted to display their beautiful stained glass fireplace screen so it could be enjoyed by all.  I had the guys center the trunk under the window and place the screen on top.  Now the sun shines through and the beauty of the stained glass really sparkles.Final Reveal (10)This wall sconce is something I brought along in my basket full of goodies.  It really plays up well next to their very pretty rustic mirror.Final Reveal (12)I went shopping in other rooms of the house to pick out items for display.Final Reveal (19)I was also commissioned to reupholster this vintage chair that sits at the built-in desk in their kitchen.  Oh là là, so pretty!Final Reveal (22)And the final piece ~ I painted the top to this old sewing machine stand using CeCe’s Virginia Chestnut, Vintage White and Young Kansas Wheat.  Sealed it with a mixture of Clear Wax and Aging Cream.  This was placed in their family room as another place for their wonderful neighbors to enjoy a cup of coffee when they stop by for a visit.

The entire makeover was complete by 1:00pm and my hubs and I were taken out for lunch by Jeanene and her husband, Dick.  They took us to a wonderful Chinese Restaurant we had never been to before (and will definitely be back to).  It was so sweet of them and we’re happy to have made new friends!

Hope you enjoyed the tour.  Until next time…


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  1. Beautiful! You did a great job. I’m sure your clients were very happy!

  2. Beautiful, Judy. And what a treasure that little sconce is!!

    • Thanks Heather…I found that sconce at Hobby Lobby at 50% off. I love that it had a tinge of blue coming through to match my clients color scheme. 🙂

  3. Tammy Bucher says:

    So lovely and since I work at Pier one noticed a lot of our pieces. Hey since your In the design business as well as a fabulous painter of many of your projects that I simply adore. You should sign up for their Designers Card and you would receive 15 percent off regular priced merchandise. Not sure if you have to have an designer number but you could try then come visit me I work at the one In Chandler. See ya November 9th if your at West World.

    • Yes Tammy…I need to do that. I carry all the pertinent information with me. I just need to take a few extra minutes and do it! 🙂 Thanks for reminding me! I would LOVE to come see you but you’re an hour away from where I live. Ya never know though, where my car my take me! lol

  4. Judy, This is awesome! Love the new arrangement, the upholstery choices, and of course the painted furniture. I can’t forget the chandy! Beautiful makeover!

  5. WELL move on over sunshine.. I am coming to stay at your house LOL>>> I LOVE IT ALL .. Talk about fabulous .. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT .. we need a love button to hit .. HOPE that you have a blessed weekend

    • Thanks so much Sherry!!! That’s very sweet of you to make such lovely comments! Hope you have a wonderful weekend too! 🙂

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