Buffet Of Gorgeous Grays

This is one of the spectacular pieces my hubs brought home to me on Tuesday.  I painted her on Wednesday and delivered to my space at Furniture Affair on Thursday.  Whew…did that make you as tired as it did me?  My space was looking a little empty and the push was on for the BIG EVENT (REVIVAL) on Saturday.  I managed to get the job done and the show was a HUGE success!

Mix of Grays (10) BeforeBefore photo, after the doors and drawers were removed.  They were just set off to the side and ready for paint. Mix of Grays (2)After Mix of Grays (11)Let me try to explain my painting process for this beauty.  The very first thing I did was brush on a thin coat of CeCe Caldwell’s Dover White.  Then came a layer of Pittsburgh Gray on the legs and door fronts.  I used the Oh-So-Pretty Blue Mountain Sky for the accent details.  Once all that was dry, I painted Seattle Mist over all of it (excluding the top).   Mix of Grays (1)Again, after waiting for the paint to dry, I wet rubbed to distress.  This technique brings out all those layers of paint and exposed them in such a wonderful way. Mix of Grays (4)I then used a mixture of clear wax and aging cream to further distress, really highlighting all the details. Mix of Grays (6)Oh, I almost forgot to tell you about the top.  I poured a little bit of Vermont Slate and an equal amount of Pittsburgh Gray into a cup then barely stirred.  Then brushed on the top.  I really love the variations of color.  I finished it off with clear wax.


It was so awesome to meet a previous customer in person at the show.  She  had purchased a different buffet from me and currently uses it as a changing table for her little one.  I was so excited to see the pictures of the nursery she had on her phone.  She brought a friend in with her, who ultimately purchased this buffet for her new home that she’s moving into in a few days.  How cool is that?  Both are so sweet, I just had to give them HUGS!!!  It’s nice to know my love for each piece of furniture that leaves my possession goes to families who will also love and treasure them for years to come.

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  1. Cheri Reeves says:

    WOW! If I only had the room!

  2. This piece is so beautiful, I really like all the variations of color. How special to meet people that enjoy your work so much!


  3. a lovely transformation! xo

    • Thanks so much! Long time no talk…been SO busy, as I’m sure you are too! Hope all is well. Have a fabulous week! HUGS ~ Judy

  4. Such a beautiful palette and piece!
    It would go with so many decors,

    • Thanks so much Deb!!! I’m going to try one of your painting techniques today using no paint brushes just card stock. I’ll let you know how it goes. Love your style. So fun! ~ Judy

  5. How do you get the paint to cure enough to do all that in 1 day?

    • LOL…by the time I get the entire piece painted, where I started has already dried. It’s so hot here, the paint dries almost instantly especially if I have the ceiling fans on. Sometimes I have to turn them off just to give me a little more time. Crazy! When visiting Spokane, I painted several pieces and it took FOREVER for them to dry. It took two days to paint there what I can paint here in one. :)

  6. Oh, you did a fabulous job! The buffet turned out gorgeous. Love all the greys.

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