Condo Kitchen Cabinets


We’re ready to install the cabinetry in our little condo rehab project.  We asked our friend, Ken to stop by and give Dave a hand (’cause we’ve already established I’m too wimpy).   We chose shaker style white cabinets from Home Depot.  This is a tiny condo and I wanted to make sure all the materials we used were light and bright.

SAM_0177Here they are, all lined up in the order to be installed.  Dave took sometime the day before to measure and get set up so no time would be wasted when he had help with the heavy lifting!SAM_0179Here’ s a picture of the “ugly” prior to installation!SAM_0181Ken supervises while Dave is cutting a hole for electrical.SAM_0180While the guys are busy in the kitchen, I’m painting the last wall in the master bedroom.  Hardwood gets installed next so I’m ready to be done with the painting.  Can’t wait!SAM_0182Time to take Ken our for lunch and he’s done for the day!  Whew…so thankful to have friends like him!  We tried to pay him but he would only accept lunch at his favorite spot ~ inside Sprouts for one of their delicious sandwiches.  So fun!  So this kitchen may not look like my inspirational kitchen at the beginning of this post but it’s going to be cute when it finally gets done!  Dave and I can finish up the rest, installing the doors back on and the last little cabinet on the end which had to be re-ordered.  We’ve picked out the counter top and as of right now, I’m thinking I’ll use subway tile for the backsplash.  I don’t want to try and go too fancy since this will be my first time to tile completely on my own.  Might be asking for your prayers when I begin that task!!!

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  1. Looks awesome, Vicki! And doing it yourself saved you so much money. I love the Shaker style too.

    • Thanks so much Heather…it really does save so much if you can do it yourself. The entire kitchen for approx. $900.00. SO WORTH IT!!! 🙂

  2. Is there anything you guys can’t do?? Looks great!!

    • You are SO sweet Bridget!!! It was great to see your mom and dad this weekend! It’s so nice to catch up! 🙂

  3. Looks like you guys are working hard and it is looking great! Good job! 🙂

  4. Can’t wait for the reveal!! Looking good!

  5. I love the cabinets! They look great!

    • Thanks Lindsey! They were definitely worth the wait! We ordered them from Home Depot on their 20% off sale! 🙂

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