Christmas in July

SAM_0273My precious husband came home with all sorts of goodies this weekend.  He said “we need to get ready for the November Vintage Market ~ Junk in the Trunk“.  So he picked up three table top Christmas trees (1 3ft and 2 4ft) plus oodles of ornaments.  These were brand new trees, never been out of the box.  He set them up and asked me to decorate them.  I made a list of what else I need to complete the trees, such as ribbon, sprigs, etc… as he would like to offer them as fully decorated trees for purchase.  It’s also going to make our booth look really pretty!!!

SAM_0256So here’s the 3ft tree.  It has beautiful shimmering pine cones in blue, silver and gold.  Leaves and blue owls (these are my favorite).  I plan to add twigs, ribbon and a container or skirt for the base.  The woman that originally had all these ornaments truly cared about each one.  They were all wrapped individually and placed carefully into plastic containers.  What you’re not seeing in these photos is what a mess I’ve made in dining room.

SAM_0258The color scheme for this tree is red and lime green.  I’ll find some beautiful ribbon and sprays of glittering red and green to add depth.

SAM_0268Love these pine cones.  I still have lots left over to use on wreaths or garlands.

SAM_0260The theme for this tree is total vintage.


SAM_0275Oh my,  I have no idea what I’m going to do with all these.  And this isn’t even half of them.  So fun!!!

SAM_0272If I had another tree, I could make it a butterfly theme.  These are actually quite heavy and really could be used for anything, anywhere year round.

The Hubs also came home with several accent tables, a dresser and nightstands, two mirrors, a couple of crystal lamps and a chandelier.  It was a good day!  I never seem to run out of projects!!!

Hope you had a great weekend pick’n!!!  Let me know if you found any treasures!

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  1. Cheri Reeves says:

    WOW! this should keep you busy for a bit! Love the idea of purchasing a fully decorated tree!

    • It was all Dave’s idea! I’m just having a little trouble finding the ribbon, etc…to finish them off. I went out last night to a couple of stores and their just starting to display some of their Christmas stuff. So, I guess I’ll be looking at Christmas trees in the dining room for a little while! Good thing their not 9 ft. trees like mine. lol

  2. Oh no! Christmas planning already!! The decorations ARE gorgeous however. And in the heat we’ve been experiencing the last few days, the cool of winter weather sounds awesome!

    • LOL…you are so right Heather. Although, I must say I’m enjoying the pool. Other than that, it would be nice for it to cool off just a tad!!! 🙂

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