Changing Things Up Again!

After thinking it over long and hard, I have definitely decided to change things up a bit.  By next month, there will no longer be a slip cover white sofa in our living room.  We purchased a new cover from Ikea and the sofa will have a new home in our condo rehab project.   With this Arizona dust, it’s just impossible to keep it clean and I’m tired of stripping it and washing it so often.  Since we won’t quite have the “cottage style” going on anymore, I wanted to make a few other changes as well.  I made a quick phone call to a client who I thought might like my china hutch and sure enough, she nabbed it up immediately.  I poured a lot of love and time into this baby but there was another piece that has just been sitting in our garage waiting it’s turn for a spot inside.

1China Hutch ~ SOLDSAM_0519And here she is…SAM_0521When I first brought this beauty home, my intention was to paint her.  But she matches our farm table exactly and I’m kinda liking her just as she is for the moment.  I’ll see how the rest of the space comes together and make up mind then.SAM_0516We called upon our friend Kevin this week for some extra help with some furniture deliveries and my “mile long list”.  It was so AWESOME for my husband to have some REAL muscle helping him for a few hours.  Saved us so much time and Dave’s back!!!  So Kevin was commenting that he didn’t think I would be able to store everything in this cabinet that I had in the other one.  Actually, I could have but it wouldn’t have been very pretty!  I did however get almost everything in, just a few plates and a stack of napkins had to find a new home.  Not bad!  Wouldn’t this cabinet be stunning filled with all white dishes?  I just don’t have enough to do that YET!!!SAM_0514Next time I visit Hobby Lobby, I’ll be picking up a bunch of hydrangeas for the big basket I have sitting on top of the hutch.  It needs some color.  I seriously need to add drapes to the windows too.  They look so plain.  I’ll wait ’til we purchase our new sofa though.  Not sure what we’re getting yet.  We’ve only been out once to look so we need to find some time to go shopping in the near future.

Happy Decorating…

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  1. I am in love with your new cabinet. The wood is perfect!

    • Thanks Mimi…I love it too! My husband said he’s always wanted one like this so I was happy to make the change! 🙂

  2. JaneEllen says:

    I love the style of your new hutch. It’s old fashioned looking but perfect for now. Your dining room will be happy to have it in residence. Love the wood also for now but could it looking very nice when you’re ready to paint it. You sure know how to find the best pieces. Glad you were able to sell your old china cab. I love the new hutch much more but that’s me, I’ve never been a person for a china cabinet for some reason. Maybe cause I never had room for one.

    • Thanks so much! I really like it too. The other one had a little more storage but I seemed to manage to find a home for everything! 🙂 Hope you have a great week! HUGS ~ Judy

  3. Love the farmhouse look you’re creating, Judi. It’s exactly the kind of look I’m working towards in our kitchen.

    As for the china cabinet – great choice. The old one, though beautiful, was a bit large and overwhelming. This new/old one works so well with the table. I can see why you don’t want to paint it!

    • Thanks Heather!!! Funny you should say that…when I took a design test not too long ago, my style came out as “Farmhouse Chic”. I’m good with that!!! 🙂

  4. Oh don’t paint that beauty yet! It is wonderful. n Yes, white dishes or colored glass on white would look outstanding.

  5. LOVE this!! I can’t wait to see the house when your all done :0)

    • Thanks Bridget! I can’t wait to see the house when I’m all done too! LOL It seems to be never ending, but that’s just life, right?

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