Buffet Beauty

IMAG0174Hey ~ do you recognize this one?  Maybe if I show you the “before” photo…SAM_5104Now do you remember?IMAG0181Just finished this beauty today.  It took several hours over the last two days to get her done.  Why, you ask?  Because I triple layered her!  Using CeCe Caldwell’s Chalk Paint, I started off with a base coat of Virginia Chestnut.  I LOVE this as a base, it makes it look like there is a dark wood under all those layers.IMAG0177For the second layer, I really just dry brushed on Vintage White.  This is the easiest layer and quickest to apply.  No need to be fussy ’cause the last layer is coming and I’ll completely cover the piece.IMAG0176So for the final layer, I used…you guessed it ~ Kansas Wheat!  I can’t help it, I really LOVE this color.IMAG0175Once it was all dry (or when I returned from my Starbucks run), I took a few damp rags and began to distress.  CeCe’s is so easy to work with.  The layers are exposed with not much effort at all.  In fact, you need to be gentle as you rub so not to go to deep.IMAG0173She then received a light brushing of clear and dark aging cream.  I guess I could have taken a few inside shots to let you see all the awesome storage. I just didn’t even think of it until now.  Haha!  Anyway, the two outside doors open to shelving and the middle doors open to more shelving plus two drawers.  Very nice!  This would make a beautiful buffet or console for a TV.  She has found a home in my booth at A Mad Hatter’s Antiques & Collectibles in Glendale, AZ.

May God bless you in the coming week!

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  1. I have only used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. Have you used both and if so, how do they compare? I have to drive a bit to get the Annie Sloan and am thinking of ordering on line. I am thinking that if I do order online, then maybe I should try some of the other brands out there.

    • Hi Carol…I have and do use Annie Sloan Chalk Paint as well as CeCe Caldwell’s. I’ve tried a couple others as well. They all basically work the same but I have found that CeCe’s is definitely easier to work with while distressing. It rubs off effortlessly with a damp cloth, whereas Annie’s takes quite a bit of force and I tend to get tired much faster. They both offer a variety of colors and I have learned how to mix paints to acquire certain colors I like. CeCe’s is a little less expensive, which always helps. So, that’s my two cents worth. Hope it helps! You really can’t go wrong with either one! Let me know if you try something new, I would love to hear what you think?

  2. Looks awesome! Every time you show us a new piece, you teach us something. Love the idea of dry brushing the white over the base coat. It’s something I’ll use for sure.

    • Thanks Heather! Sometimes I feel like I’m repeating myself so I try to give new tips. I know everyone doesn’t read every post though, so I guess it’s OK if share some of the same information occasionally,right? Hope you are having a great week! ~ Judy

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