Beckley Black Bombay Chest

I’ve been wanting to try the new “Beckley Black” in the CeCe Caldwell Paint line since it’s debut.  As I was looking through my garage, I had an AHA moment! This little Bombay Chest was the perfect candidate for just this kind of makeover I had in mind. No. 5 Bombay Chest (9)Isn’t she a sweetheart?

No. 5 Bombay Chest (1)Before…you can’t tell by the photo but she was a little saggy and had some deep cracks on each side panel.  My husband did a little sanding of the bottom drawer so it would slide in and out easily and filled the cracks for me.  Ahhh, good as new (almost).

No. 5 Bombay Chest (2)I wanted to add a little modern twist.  So, after painting her with Beckley Black, I brushed on a top coat of Martha Stewart Living Silver Metallic Paint on the areas I wanted to highlight.

No. 5 Bombay Chest (11)Once the silver dried, I went back over those areas with black.  After that dried, I went over those same areas with a damp cloth to expose some of the silver.

No. 5 Bombay Chest (21)I placed a coat of clear wax over the entire piece and sprayed the original knobs silver using Rust-Oleum hammered finish.

No. 5 Bombay Chest (10)Now for the fun part!!!  I got out my handy Edge Lock Scotch Blue Tape and ruler to make my stripe.  I sponge painted the metallic silver paint between the lines and removed the tape.  Yay ~ perfectly straight!  Next, I found the number I wanted to use and went in search of a round bowl in my kitchen that the numbers would fit into.  I have a set of three white serving bowls that sit into a metal stand and one of those did the trick.  I outlined the circle with a pencil then using a ultra fine artist brush and a steady hand, I proceeded to paint over the pencil line.  Once that was finished, I sponge painted the rest to fill it in.  It only took a few minutes to dry but I waited a little while before blue taping my stencils into place so not to disturb what I had just painted.  I used black acrylic craft paint to sponge on the numbers.

No. 5 Bombay Chest (7)Several hours later,  I lightly sanded over the silver stripe and numbers so that it would give a slightly worn look and re-waxes over that area.  I was still debating whether or not I was going to add the design on top when I originally waxes her so normally I wouldn’t wax prior to placing a stencil on a piece.  Not a big deal, it just added a little step to finish her off.

No. 5 Bombay Chest (2)I just delivered her to my space in Furniture Affair yesterday.  Wonder how long she’ll last?

No. 5 Bombay Chest (25)Yes, I added another hole in my wall just for this photo shoot.  My husband is SO funny.  He couldn’t believe I did that.  Really?  Who does the painting around here?  I DO!!!  So it doesn’t affect him at all.  I’ll fill the hole later and touch up.  (No one will ever know except all of you!)  We both laughed.

Blessings ~ Judy

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  1. It looks great in black, Judy! This is the second piece I’ve seen today in black and now I want to find something to paint black! : )

    • Thanks Kathy…it’s been a long time since I’ve painted anything black. We’ll see how well it sells???

  2. Love it in black, Judy. I can’t get Ce Ce Caldwell around here so haven’t tried it. But it looks a lot blacker than the Graphite colour I’ve been used to. And the silver touches make it pop.

    It won’t last long in your booth. Unless your’s is going through the same summer sales slump of furniture like mine.

    • Thanks Heather! Sorry you can’t CeCe ‘s yet. I’m sure it will eventually reach you! 🙂 My booths have been a bit slow for the summer months but I’ve been extremely busy with custom orders so maybe that’s a good thing! HUGS ~ Judy

  3. Love, love, love how you created the number on this piece. Adorable!

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