Vintage Sewing Machine…and it WORKS!!!

I know you can pick up these old sewing machines everywhere and just about anytime but the other day at an auction, this one just really caught my eye.  I wish I had a before picture for you but this is one of those projects where I dug right in and didn’t even think about it until it was too late.  So sorry!  You will be able to see the original color though, later in this post.  At first glance, it did not make a good impression.  It had really tacky contact paper glued to the surface but I loved how the front of the cupboard actually opened and it wasn’t just fake.  Anyway…$22.00 later, my husband and I brought her home with us!


Originally, we were thinking of making a planter or beverage server out of her but as the makeover began (hours of sanding off that sticky contact paper) we found some new discoveries.  The Kenmore sewing machine seemed to be in perfect condition and it came with the original instruction manual and boxes of additional attachments.  So we decided to investigate further.

6The more we talked about this little table, we thought maybe it would be a good fit for my new craft room.  So I decided to paint it with Paris Grey and Vintage White.  Who doesn’t like these colors anyway?  If I don’t keep it for myself, these colors will easily match any future buyer’s home decor.SAM_0266Just thought I would insert a closeup of my little PORTMEIRION PARIAN WARE JUG FROM BRITISH HERITAGE COLLECTION I brought home from England.  While visiting a foreign country, there is only so much you can bring back with you.  So all my souvenirs had to be small enough to fit inside my one and only suitcase.   I loved this decorative pitcher and I knew it would be something I could cherish forever, along with all the wonderful memories of my European excursion.

3So, back to the sewing table!  I covered the entire piece with two coats of grey first.  Then I went back over the top and these little inserts in white.

2But I felt it looked a little plain so I added a some hand painting to give it some depth and softness to all the straight lines.

4The original knobs were just fine but kinda boring.  So off to Hobby Lobby I went and picked up these cute little crystal knobs.

8After a good waxing, my husband placed the sewing machine back into it’s place.  (He’s so cute!  He brought me out one of our vintage aprons we recently acquired for the photo shoot!)

7I would love to have my sewing machine up and ready to use at all times.  Wouldn’t this be handy?  That’s my goal for my craft room.

SAM_0271Look at how clean and shinny this Kenmore looks!  It was soooooo dusty and dirty before I got to her.  Poor thing!

10And now you can see what the whole thing used to look like.  Kind of a blonde wood tone.
9Isn’t this a great cubby inside the door?SAM_0275I used the manual to thread the machine to see if it was in working order.  And WHOOHOO, it runs smooth!1Now it’s decision time.  Do I keep it o sell it?  I want my machine up all the time so I could set in on top of this one but that seems like a waste of a good machine.  So, I’ll probably place it up for sale this week!

Blessings ~ Judy

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  1. That is so fun! I have been getting the bug to get a old machine. My Grandma has one that still works that has the trendle (sp?) and I want her to give it to me 🙂

    • Oh yeah! Ask your Grandma to put your name on it for sure! My mom has put my name on a few things for the future…so awesome! Thanks so much for stopping by! Have a great week! ~ Judy

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