The Vintage Shed


Hello Friends…it’s good to be home!  My husband and I had a wonderful time visiting family and friends in Idaho and Washington over the past week.   Our first stop was in the Boise area.  Both our daughters recently became first-time home owners.  Exciting times for sure!  And of-coarse, we couldn’t get enough of our three beautiful grand-children, but I’ll share more on that later.

Our next destination was Spokane.  Our oldest daughter Jill, drove up with us for our nephew’s graduation from High School.   My husband is so funny, he just can’t sit still.  As soon as we arrived at my brother’s home (parents live on the property too), he hit the ground running.  He decided to make a family project out of the little vintage shed that had been there since my brother bought the property years ago.  We all agreed it was really cute should stay in it’s place, but has always needed a makeover.  Dave got busy looking around the barn for scraps to replace rotted wood and chicken wire for the windows, etc…  Hope you enjoy the photos as much as we enjoyed our time together as a family!

IMG_20130607_200209Here’s Dave looking over the situation!

IMG_20130608_091340Oh my goodness, it’s already looking better just like this.  Chicken wire is in and windows are framed.

IMG_20130608_092838Hard at work.

IMG_20130608_091526Dave gave Jill the task of painting a door.  His mistake…telling her she could do whatever she wanted.

IMG_20130608_092439My mom with her morning coffee looking adorable in her little hat to keep the sun out of her eyes.

IMG_20130608_094239Now she has a vision!

IMG_20130608_094435My brother has joined the act wearing matching shorts.  He’s so stylish!

IMG_20130608_094659My parents enjoying front row seats for the event.  Their contribution (besides supervision) was the purchase of the paint!

IMG_20130608_110658This adorable bird-feeder was just given to my parents by their very good friends, Ken & Dorothy Spicer.  Ken made it!  I just added a little whitewash to give it that same vintage look.

IMAG0165Now to organized the inside…and it will make the perfect backdrop for photos during the Graduation Celebration later in the day.

1Auntie Judy’s Brag Moment ~

Here he is ~ the young man of the hour!  Patrick Herbert, graduated as Valedictorian, along with several other awards and honors.  He will be attending Whitworth  University in Spokane majoring in Physics/Engineering.  He is also in a Band, The Backups, and they’ve recently released their first single.  Best of all, he is a follower of Jesus and a leader of his piers.

9Time just flies entirely too fast!SAM_4981Father and son.SAM_4980Oh, but don’t forget Paxton!  He’s such a little ham!SAM_4987Here with grandma.4Grandma and Grandpa2One of his good friends, Isaiah. SAM_5000Sweet girlfriend, Torey.SAM_5010The yummy cake from Costco!SAM_5014The Big Red Barn ~ it’s not just a barn though, it’s held numerous parties and also provides a home for my parents and an awesome guest room for us upstairs.  My brother lives in the original farmhouse at the front of the property.SAM_5016And the view from their little front porch.  They couldn’t be happier!

Dave and I flew home yesterday.  Our daughter Jill, is driving my parents (her grandparents) back to Boise today with her so they can see her new home and the rest of the family who couldn’t make it to Spokane.

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  1. That is adorable!!!

  2. Terry @ The Painted Porch says:

    LOVE it! Very cute!

    • Thanks Terry…gotta LOVE those family projects! It’s something my mom has been wishing for so we thought it was about time to make her wish come true! Blessings ~ Judy

  3. Looks like you had a lovely time. Congrats to your nephew…that is some great bragging rights 🙂 I love the little vintage barn. It is super cute as is your family!!!

    • Thanks so much Lynn…ya, we’re all pretty proud of Patrick! The whole family had a great time together! Have a fabulous weekend! HUGS ~ Judy

  4. Looks like everyone had so much fun. I love all the pics. Made me feel like I was there with yall. Have a blessed week .. HUGS

  5. How sweet! Judi, you look like you have a wonderful family!!

    • Thanks Heather…it’s always fun getting together with the whole family. I haven’t even been home a week yet and I’m ready to go back! 🙂

  6. Kathy Nielsen says:

    Judy, Looks as if you have a wonderful time. Your little “house” looks darling also. Family time is the best” don’t you think? Kathy

    • I definitely agree with you Kathy! Thanks so much! The little shack was a great family project! HUGS ~ Judy

  7. JaneEllen says:

    I love to see family photos, it’s very heart warming to me. How wonderful your parents have the love and respect they deserve. Great they can live close by and have their own home and privacy. You all must be very proud of your nephew, what a wonderful young man. People don’t talk about the good kids and they should be appreciated.
    We’re pretty familiar with the area of Idaho, Boise, Spokane, all across there from when we lived in Mt, my hubs was a trucker so we got to see lots of ID and Washington up into Kelowna, B.C. quite often. I miss all that so much, open spaces ah, so great.
    So glad you had a wonderful vacation and got to enjoy your family, just nothing like it, lots of memories made.
    Happy days

    • Thanks SO much! I’m glad you enjoyed all the pictures. We really had a wonderful time visiting with everyone and celebrating all of Patrick’s achievements. I know exactly what you mean about the scenery of that part of the country. I miss it too. I love the weather in AZ but as far as beauty goes…it doesn’t hold a candle to where I grew up! Have a fabulous weekend. HUGS ~ Judy

  8. That shed turned out adorable and the family pictures are great 🙂 Love the white car 🙂

    • Thanks Sandy…and I’ll pass on the compliment about the car to my brother. He loves old cars, his old farmhouse, etc… Have a great weekend! 🙂

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