New Beginnings For This Rustic Tea Cart

It seems like I’m learning something new everyday in this business.  AWESOME!!!  My client Kim, asked me to refinish this rustic wood tea cart and refurbish the cutting board so that is can actually be used.  WOW…it was really nasty!  But I was up for the task…and when I say “I”, I mean “my husband”.   I’ll tell you how he did it a little later.  You may recognize this tea cart from an earlier post.  Kim decided she wanted it to stay rustic and have it painted white.



SAM_5052And now…

SAM_5051I really agree with Kim, this cart needed to stay rustic.   After painting two coats of white paint I took the power sander to it.  Of-coarse I enjoyed this step the most.  I would be happy to have this in my kitchen or outside on my patio as an extra serving station.

SAM_5049I kept the wheels all natural, they’re so cute!

SAM_5058The cutting board is removable for easy clean up.

SAM_5054So how did my husband refurbish the cutting board you ask?  Well, here’s his recipe:

To clean, he used salt mixed with lemon juice.  It makes a paste consistency and he just scrubbed until it was sparkling clean.  Once the board was completely dry, he generously rubbed in mineral oil.  It looks beautiful now and ready for use.

SAM_5048I’ve already sent Kim pictures and she’ll be picking it up on Tuesday.  She’ll also be dropping off more fun projects for me to upcycle.  Can’t wait!

Have a blessed day!


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  1. I am not surprised it turned out so well…. I always love your work. This is a super cute cart with the cutting board..and those wheels are too much. Nice job Judy!

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