Hardwood Has Been Delivered!

From contemporary to cottage style and everything in between, I just love how hardwood warms up a room.  While we were on vacation last week, we found that Costco had all their hardwood flooring on sale so today we went and purchased all the flooring for our condo rehab project.  We’ll be installing it ourselves in the living room and master bedroom.  The rest of the condo has tile we plan to keep.


Isn’t this room pretty?  It’s a little eclectic with a mix of old and new.  I think the antique table their using as a sofa table and the lanterns are my favorite things.

IMAG1369OK, so after loading up our poor little truck of 30 heaving boxes full of hardwood, we slowly traveled over to the condo just to find out that we had forgotten the key to get in!  Ugh!  So we drove all the way home, grabbed the key and drove back AGAIN!  The only thing that saved us in this 100+ degree weather were the treats we got at the food court in Costco.  Dave had frozen yogurt and I had a mocha freeze.  (By the way…did you know that their mocha freeze does not contain real coffee?  It’s just coffee flavoring.)  My brother, who works for Costco, shared that news with me but I am choosing to ignore it and pretend I’m still getting my coffee fix!!!

IMAG1370Now, for the unloading!  Great job Honey!

IMAG1371I had three choices to choose from, I chose the darkest they had.  Oooo….it’s going to be pretty!  Can’t wait!  As soon as I have the time to finish painting the master bedroom we can start laying the hardwood.  If it goes well, our home is next!  We’re going to rip out all our flooring throughout our entire house and lay hardwood down.  Of-coarse I want hand scraped dark walnut but we’ll see?

hardwood 2Source

Here’s another pretty living room from the same source.  Just a sweet, simple room but would be perfect for staging a home to sell (which is what I’ll be doing).

Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend my friends!  Lots of fun posts next week of new furniture makeovers so check back often!

Blessings ~ Judy

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  1. Pretty pictures! =)
    Hope all goes well with your remodeling!

    • Thanks Melissa…it’s such a fun project! Just hope it sells quickly when it’s done! Blessings ~ Judy

  2. Good luck to you–I know it will be gorgeous!

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