Chunky & Stylish End Tables

aWOW…I am so in love with these chunky end tables!  They certainly weren’t very impressive when I first saw them ~ it wasn’t love at first sight that’s for sure!

SAM_0276See what I mean, just a little outdated.

SAM_0348The first thing that needed to be done was to give them a fresh coat of CeCe Caldwell’s Vintage White Chalk Paint.SAM_0349Now we’re talking!  I’ve got something to work with here!SAM_0388Next, I painted a coat of Seattle Mist  and rubbed gently with a damp cloth to distress and bring out the white underneath.  My client chose to leave the knobs in their original state.  Not knowing for sure how they would look once the pieces were painted but I think they look GREAT and so does she.  In fact here words were “These look like they could have come right out of  Restoration Hardware.”  What an awesome compliment and I’m so glad she’s happy!

SAM_0389I don’t always paint the inside of a cabinet but in this case I wanted to cover up a couple of stains from regular wear and tear.  They look brand new now!SAM_0390A close up of the knob.SAM_0395I used several coats of Polycrylic on the tops.  These will be both be for sale in my client’s store space and she likes to stack her furniture.  I wanted them to be durable.  By the way, her booth always looks incredible.  I’ll share picture soon.

SAM_0396Ya know, I see chunky side tables all the time but these just have such cute little feet don’t you think?

SAM_0397I like how they each have their own personality and not identical.

Thanks so much for stopping by.  Have a beautiful weekend!

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  1. What a transformation, Judy! I see these types of tables at garage sales and auctions and they always go for super cheap. I’ll look at them differently now!

    • Thanks Heather…believe me, I won’t be passing any of these up either. I want a couple for myself now! 🙂

  2. Kathy Nielsen says:

    Judy Have you painted that mirror you were talking about? I’m anxious to see what you did with it. Kathy

    • OK Kathy…I’m going to pick your brain a little bit. Are you talking about the big ornate mirror I was going to paint in Tiffany Blue for a client? If so, I can post all about it on Monday (maybe even tomorrow if I get the chance)! 🙂

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