Pickin’ In Florida

WOW…what an AWESOME time we had in Florida over Memorial Day Weekend with our friends Tom & Cheri!!!  They were such gracious hosts!

Our trip was full of sightseeing and vintage shopping for their new home in the Tampa Bay area.  (We really had fun spending their money on exciting new pieces that will fit perfectly into each space.)  I’m so glad we were able to tour the home and take measurements even though they don’t technically own it yet!

IMG_20130524_110112Our first stop was Honeymoon Island which is just a few miles from where they’ll soon be living.  It’s so beautiful and you can just pull off the side of the road, set up your lawn chair and read a book or go fishing.  So cool!!!

IMAG0125Our next stop was the cute little town of Dunedin.  We enjoyed lunch at a local cafe and checked out a few shops.  This tiny library sits in the town center, such a great idea.  You can drop off a book and pick up a new one to read at your leisure.

IMAG0124This old wagon sat directly across from the library.

IMAG0123OK…so we knew we wanted to go to the Sponge Docks in Tarpon Springs just 9 miles down the road so we started driving that way.  But, there were vintage stores all along the way so we got side-tracked several times.  We found a coastal inspired desk & chair for Cheri’s new office along with the sweetest rustic book shelf you’ve ever seen.  I can’t believe I didn’t take a picture of it!  Once Cheri posts all her pictures after they’ve moved in, I’ll grab them and share them with you.

IMAG0129I captured this photo for my grandson, Bentley.  He LOVES Mickey Mouse, even their family dog had to be named Mickey!  I see Gamma (as he calls me) painting a chair for him like this in the very near future!

IMAG0126Some vintage games covering the wall in this beautiful store.

IMAG0131I thought this was a fun & bright paint job!  I don’t know how many homes would have the decor to match but isn’t it cute?

IMAG0140We finally made it to Tarpon Springs just before sunset.

IMAG0134Here’s Dave talking with a local sponge vendor finding out all the details of how these sponges are harvested from the bottom of the ocean.

IMAG0137Here’s one of the boats parked along the sidewalk.


Tom & Dave smiling in front of the smiley face made out of sponges.

IMAG0141The streets were lined with shops and restaurants.  Tom & Cheri took us to scrumptious Greek restaurant for dinner.

IMAG0146I had to take pictures of all the wonderful desserts.  Believe me, they don’t just look good, they tasted good too!



IMAG0150Another day we hit Pier 60 in Clearwater.  Beautiful white sandy beaches for miles.


I was standing out on the pier looking back as I shot this photo.

IMAG0152It was HOT and WINDY this particular day so we decided to go find a cool, air-conditioned restaurant to go hide out in for a light dinner.

IMAG0154Even the McDonalds was cute!  But this in not where we ate.  We ended up at The Shor restuarant inside one of the hotels.

IMAG0156I thought this was so beautiful.  As we were walking back to our car on the opposite side of the ocean front sat this marina.

IMAG0161Even in Florida, I painted.  This is Cheri’s new office chair.  I painted it in Old White then reupholstered the seat in a neural color.  We took lots of “before” photos of their new home so it’s going to be fun to see the “after” photos.  The entire house has been updated by the previous owner accept for the upstairs guest bathroom.  So we picked out counter top, back splash, mirrors, lighting, paint colors, etc… before we left.  Can’t wait to see it!  They are hiring the same contractor who did all the previous work on the house.

IMAG0160Here’s a better view of the chair.  It was painted purple before I got to it.

967149_10151397657736770_299141394_oOur final dinner!  We plan to see these very special friends again later this year in LasVegas.  It takes 4 1/2 hours to fly to Vegas from Tampa and it takes us approx. the same time to drive from our home to Vegas.  PERFECT!!!

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  1. It looks and sounds like you had a good trip. The Mickey chair is adorable. The desserts look too good and the views are spectacular.


  2. Thank you Judy to make share your journey in Florida. What a disorientation seen by France, where we have a foul weather for months without sun! I travel in the sun thanks to you! Friendly Lydia

    • You are so welcome! I’ve traveled to France but was very fortunate to have beautiful weather while I was there! I hope to visit again someday! 🙂

  3. Sounds like your friends are off to a great start in their new home. And how wonderful that you already have plans to meet up in the fall.

    When we moved a couple years ago, we made a point of keeping plans with those special friends – we are all going on a cruise in the fall too.

    • Oh my gosh…lucky you! Cruising is the ONLY way to go! I’m sure you’ll have a wonderful time! 🙂

  4. I love all the pictures!! Looks like you all had a great time! Isn’t The Little Free Library awesome!?! I want one in my front yard :0)

    • Thanks Bridget…YES, I love that little Library. Makes me want to live in a quaint little village! 🙂

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