Lamp Makeover Using Layers Of Chalk Paint

SAM_4687I have started working on accessories I have picked up for our condo rehab project.  As I have mentioned, I’m on an extremely tight budget.  Just in-case you missed it, I only have $1500 to furnish the entire condo.  I know…CRAZY huh?  So I was able to snag a pair of lamps for just $11.00 each.  I was kind of liking the shades but knew the color of the lamp bases would have to change to work with my color scheme.


SAM_4683See what I mean?  This mustard color was just not going to work with my blues & grays!


OK, I confess; I painted three lamps in my living room while watching American Idol.  And can I just say; I can’t believe Angie went home.  I’ve been rooting for her entire season.  I’m not as excited for next week’s finale now!  I think it’s the piano player in me that was hoping Angie would win!  Anyway, I know we haven’t seen the last of her.  Great things are coming her way!!!

SAM_4693Oh, so back to the lamps ~ with all the sweet details, layering paint colors was the only way to go.  I brought out several cans of CeCe Caldwell’s Chalk Paint.

  • First layer ~ Virginia Chestnut
  • Second layer ~ Vintage White
  • Third layer ~ Kansas Wheat

I was literally watching the paint dry in between layers.  So glad chalk paint dries quickly or it would have been a looooong night!

SAM_4695Once all three layers were dry, I distressed with a damp cloth to randomly exposed all the layers.  This is when the magic happens!  There is even a few spots where the mustard color came out.  I’m totally good with that.  This treatment adds so much character.  The final step was to add CeCe Caldwell’s Aging Cream mixed with a little clear wax.  It just brought the lamps to life!


The Dynamic Duo!


These lamps will be a great addition to the master bedroom in the condo.  Now I just need to find the bedside tables for them to sit on!  The bed sits high off the floor so I need some pretty substantial tables.  Curbside pickup is just around the corner, maybe I’ll get lucky again and find something for FREE.  That would work nicely into my budget!  Haha  I’ll keep you posted!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the special mothers out there!  Hope your weekend is AMAZING!


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  1. I can’t get CeCe Caldwell’s chalk paint here in UK but have discovered a wonderful brand called Autentico which comes in a huge range of colours 130+.

    I’m inspired by your creativity!

    Great job with the lamps: sometimes the simplest projects can have the greatest impact.

    ~ Rhianne x

    • Thanks so much Rhianne! Oooo…Autentico paint sounds wonderful with all those choices! Happy painting for everyone!!! I do a lot of mixing to get different colors but sometimes that gets me in trouble if I ever want to duplicate it! 🙂

  2. These remind me of my “driftwood” finish chairs I did a couple months ago – many layers of paint creating a fabulous effect. Aren’t those pick-up days terrific? I’m sure you ‘ll find something for the condo.

    Happy Mother’s Day to you too!!

  3. Your lamps look great! I was pulling for Angie too! She seemed so wholesome!

  4. So glad I found your post! I am working on painting a lamp myself and am not happy with it. I started with Old White now I think I will add another color of chalk paint and go from there. Love the finish that you created 😉

    • Thanks Mimi! Sometimes it just takes some layering to get the right effect! I love Old White but I have found that plain white is the most difficult to work with. I usually do three coats if I want a piece to be just white. I’m sure yours will turnout great once you’re done!!! Blessings ~ Judy

  5. Super cute! Love it. They turned out great.

    • Thanks so much Beca! I can’t wait to stage them in our little “condo rehab project” when it’s done! 🙂

  6. Judy, your lamps turned out lovely! I like the layering of paints you used. Perfect amount of distressing in my opinion. Very nice addition to any room especially to the master!
    Cheers to you and yours.

    • Thanks Therese…can’t wait to get the room painted and hardwood in so I can start decorating! 🙂

  7. They turned out AMAZING!!! Love that being on a budget truly makes our creative side take over and produce great things we otherwise wouldn’t have. Can’t wait to see what you come up with for those tables! Where do you live? I’ve been trying to sell a nightstand on craigslist for awhile here in Eugene Oregon… 😉

    • Thanks so much Michele! Ahhh…I grew up in Spokane WA, I’ve been to Eugene several times! I miss the lush greens of WA and OR. but I LOVE the weather here in AZ. 🙂

  8. Never mind! I just read your info. Arizona is a bit of a drive! LOL

  9. Gorgeous! What a beautiful layered look.

    • Thanks Cindy…you just can’t go wrong with chalk paint! Makes painting so easy! Have a fabulous weekend! 🙂

  10. The lamps have lots of depth and character! I pinned ’em 🙂

    Thanks for linking up at I Gotta Create!
    <3 Christina

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