Is It Blue Or Grey?

Ya know when you think you’ve got every detail perfectly planned out and a curve ball is thrown?  That’s what just happened to me today!  The new “grey” on walls at the condo look more blue than grey.  What do you think?

SAM_4876This throws a curve ball because I have to change my color scheme and I’m really disappointed, but not disappointed enough to repaint…let’s just clarify that!  Haha!  The white brick wall you see in this photo is in the kitchen.  It was suppose to be SW648 Watery that is featured in the HGTV Smart Home but I don’t think it will look good next to this color of grey (it’s too blue-ish).  So I just painted it white for now.

sh13_01-kitchen-hero_4x3_lgSee what I mean?  Luckily I haven’t already purchased the paint or committed to this color in the furnishings.  So, I think I’ll be looking at some new color schemes tonight!

SAM_4871Here’s what the kitchen looks like now.  Kind of yucky, but it’s going to be FABULOUS!!!  The hubs spent several hours cleaning the grout on the floor a couple of days ago.  It looks SO much better!  Whew, we didn’t want to replace it!  It’s not in the budget!

SAM_4875The living room is completely painted but it’s hard to see with the lighting.  The walls are that same blue/grey (SW6246 North Star) and the ceiling is SW705 Pure White.  Before laying the hardwood, we’ll be removing the fan to add a medallion to the ceiling and I’m going to paint the fan.

SAM_4873Dave had another project to go work on today so I stayed and kept painting.  This is what he surprised me with when he returned.  He knows how to keep me motivated!  ~Paint a couple of strokes, take a drink, paint a couple of stokes, take a drink…you get the picture!!!

If you have any ideas for a new accent color, I would love to hear from you!

Blessings ~ Judy

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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog…I’m this weeks co-host for Thursday Favorite things. I love your blog…but this post cracked me up because we have almost the same blue in our bathroom and my Hubby and I debated…blue or grey too! I say blue!

    Your newest follower on G+ and Pintrest
    Through My Creative Mind

    • Thanks Jen…this color is seriously confusing! lol But I’m determined to make it work! So glad to meet you, I’ll be visiting you often! HUGS!!! ~ Judy

  2. A kitchen or any reno for that matter always looks worse before it gets fabulous.

    Don’t you hate it when colours don’t work. I was loving that original colour inspiration shot. You’re so talented, you’ll come up with a solution. In fact you probably did before your Starbucks was finished.

    Gotta love a man who brings you Starbucks.

  3. Stay with the blue, seems there is waaay too much grey lately. Try soft yellow, darker blue or even a darker grey if you really need grey.

    • Ya know…I’ve been thinking the same thing! Maybe a little yellow and dark blue! Thanks so much! Have a wonderful weekend! 🙂

  4. I like the blue 🙂 thank you for sharing your lovely post at the hop xo

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