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After the Vintage Market a couple weeks ago, I made the decision to move into another store in Historic Downtown Glendale, AZ.  I’m very happy to announce that you can visit me at A Mad Hatter’s Antiques and Collectables as well as Furniture Affair in Phoenix, AZ.  So needless to say, my husband and I have been very busy with planning, decorating and moving.  I’ve been so busy since I moved into Furniture Affair that I hadn’t really taken the time to make that space my own either so THIS WAS THE WEEK!

Mad Hatter
SAM_4637I’m not completely moved in yet but I couldn’t wait any longer to share the news!
SAM_4639I really wanted to add interest to the space so I stayed up until 2:30 am making this rag curtain.  It was fun but I was tired!  The material came from the Thrift Store.  I spent a total of $11.00.
SAM_4640 SAM_4645 SAM_4643
 SAM_4644I asked The Hubs to make this half wall with a shelf.  He assembled the whole thing in our driveway and then delivered to the store.  I’ll be spending a morning in the very near future down painting it!
This store is filled with a variety of Vendors.  You could spend hours browsing through it all.
Furniture Affair
SAM_4682I made these curtains yesterday.  It’s something I’ve wanted to do for such a long time.  It really warms up the space don’t you think?  The bottom section of the curtain came from Bed, Bath and Beyond at 40% off.  The window  is 10′x8′ so I purchased 95″ panels and then added 24″ of additional material to the top and them made tabs.  We had a couple of scrap wood slats out in the garage so cut them 20″ long, slid them through the tabs and then actually stapled the backs into place so they won’t ever move.  The Dave screwed them into place above the window.
SAM_4649Here’s a close-up of the material.  It’s so soft and pretty!
And a view of the other side.
We re-arranged everything and still had a hard time fitting everything in.  See this wall?  We’ve decided it would be really fun to hang several of our wooden chairs on it. We just didn’t have the right tools with us today…maybe by the end of the week.  That will give us more floor space!SAM_4673We also took down the doors I was using as a photo backdrop at home.  I asked Dave to place a piece of wood across the top so the next time across a great chandelier, I’ll have a place to hang it!
I’m starting to feel more organized again.  This business keeps me hopping!  I certainly will never get bored.  Everyday there is something new and exciting happening!
The joys of life, love and vintage!!!
Blessings ~ Judy

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  1. Both great spaces, Judy! I’m pinning a few of your pictures for inspiration for my own month and a half old booth. Love the rag curtain. What a great idea and it looks really nice.

    • Thanks Kathy…pin away!!! I still have so many ideas I want to do, I have a hard time falling asleep at night! lol My brain works faster than my body. Haha! The rag curtain was really fun to do. It’s easy but loves to get tangled. It took both my husband and myself to untangle and hang up (and I was really careful packaging it up)!

      • michelle ann says:

        I like that black arm chair in your photo. What is the price?

        • Thanks Michelle! Hmmm…I honestly can’t remember. There are two, a matching set ~ I believe they are approx. $160 for the pair but don’t hold me to that. I can let you know after I make my next visit to the store or you can call Furniture Affair and they’d be happy to let you know. 602.863.9955 Just let them know it’s in Vintage Street Designs Booth and they are the Black Arm Hitchcock Chairs! :)

  2. Great spaces, Judy. The market I’m in is sold dingy looking compared to this….I need to ask the owner if I can spruce up my booth a bit.

  3. Oh that is great!! Good for you…both spaces look fantastic!!

  4. Nicely done Judy! And just in time for the Mothers’ day event in downtown Glendale, which is probably where I’m heading bright and early on Saturday!

    • Awesome! You’ll have to swing by Mad Hatter and take a look! I’ll be at Porter Barn Wood taking a class on making barn wood walls and ceilings! I’m excited! :)

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