Craft Room Inspiration

We have decided that we just can’t put it off any longer!  We’re creating a Craft Room!!!  Carpet is coming out and hardwood is going in!  At the moment, the room looks like a hurricane hit it but I know that’s just part of the process.  Do you hide things under the beds in your home?  I have to admit, I do now.  I never used to, I always had a place for everything.  Since we downsized, I have had to get more creative.  As we were taking the bed apart and uncovering everything under it, I kept saying to my husband; “Let’s sell it.”  I now have several more mirrors and pictures that will be going up for sale.  Who knows when we’ll ever get the chance to use them again so why hang on to them right?  I”m ready to let go!

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So I was thinking, where should I look for inspiration… of-coarse ~ Pinterest!


Just pretty!


Look at all those drawers and cabinets I could fill.


Love all the bright whites and chandeliers.


Really like the idea of my sewing machine being set up and ready all the time.


I just like the laundry basket in this photo!!!  I’m saving my pennies for this one!


Wouldn’t a rolling desk be nice?


A great closet organizer could really come in handy.

We have so many projects going on right now that it probably seems a little crazy to be thinking about taking on another one.  However, this is exactly why we need to do it.  My husband and I always breath easier if we’re organized and right now our home and work space seems a little chaotic.  It will take us awhile to accomplish this task but it WILL get done and it WILL be great! (We have happy faces.)

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  1. I know the feeling – I can’t work in an untidy area – have a sort of/maybe craft room upstairs in one of the guest rooms. My sewing machine and Cricut are poised and ready to go. Problem is that I have to take it all down when we need the room (which is really only 2 of 3 times a year).

    Have fun creating your creative space.

    • Thanks Heather! I spent the better part of today painting the ceiling and walls of the living room at our condo project. On a good note…we got to come home and swim in our pool for the first time this year! Yay!!! Then, we cleared out some more stuff in the new craft room! 🙂 Hope you are having a great day!

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