Benches To Match The Table

After delivering a farm table to our client’s home in Scottsdale last week, she asked if we could make her two benches to sit on either side?  Of-coarse we were honored to do so. She will be by sometime this morning to pick them up along with her bar stools that were in need of a makeover.  I’m kind of disappointed that we aren’t delivering them ’cause I would love to see the whole room put together.  I’ll ask for photos!!!

SAM_4921Before staining…

SAM_4928After staining…

SAM_4930My husband also added extra bracing underneath the bench for added support.  Our clients have two little girls who will be using these benches daily so even though it makes the benches quite heavy, their safety trumped light weight.  I LOVE this darker stain we’re now using.  We have another farm table that has a light stain on top and I white washed the base.  We’re going to re-stain the top with this darker stain and place it up for sale.  Price will be $250 without a drawer.  We’re going to start shipping as well.  We’ve been doing our homework and we’re going to keep the costs as low as possible.  Once we return from my nephews graduation celebration in Spokane, WA. we’ll be filling up our etsy store with all sorts of fun items.

SAM_4926Dave matched the style of the legs and skirt to match the table.  Each bench is 42″ wide and will slide easily under the table to tuck away while not in use.

SAM_4904To see more photos of the farm table click here.

It’s Friday already, hard to believe!  Hope you all have a wonderful, fun-filled weekend!

Blessings ~


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  1. That’s awesome! I love benches with tables – I have an old harvest table and benches my Dad made for my Mom when they were first married – I love it!

    • That is SO awesome! I love those pieces with a history! I’m sure they are greatly cherished in your home! :)

  2. Love it!!! Those little girls will enjoy those benches for years to come.

    Happy Weekend!

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