Paris Grey Is Back In The House

I am so happy to have some ASCP Paris Grey in the house!!!  Absolutely LOVE this color, always have and probably always will.  This little desk set did not come together but so many of my customers/clients want desks to use as vanities and I thought these would all look stunning together.  Fit for a princess, or a queen!
So do you want to see the before pics?
Not bad, but knew they could be so much more.
Such sweet details on this chair.  It made it just that much more fun to paint.

My husband carefully pulled off the old upholstery so I could use it as a pattern.  It all went together without a hitch.

I painted a coat of white on each piece first and then painted with Paris Grey.  I distressed with a damp cloth to expose some white and then used clear wax on everything but the top of the desk.  I put three layers of clear satin poly on the top of the desk for long lasting durability.  

 Our house is now getting lined with furniture as I finish each piece from the garage.  Three more weeks until the show and there is a lot more to do.  Pretty soon we’ll barely be able to move about.  I’m getting exciting for the show though, it’s always so much fun.  Just ordered a furniture stamp today with my logo on it and asked for a quote on t-shirts.  Anyway, it’s almost time to go finish the next painting project I have going so until next time…HUGS to all of you!

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  1. beautiful restoration you’ve done six talented follow you forever ..

  2. Great pieces, Judy! I love desks like this ~ small but with plenty of drawer space.

    • Thanks Kathy! A couple of months ago, I couldn’t find a desk to save my life. Now I have several I’m working on! I just purchased some crystal knobs for another one I just finished today. Can’t wait to share it! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend. HUGS ~ Judy

  3. I just bought my first can of Paris Grey and haven’t decided what to do with it. I have an old sewing desk in the garage waiting for some love – maybe a bit of Parisian love?

    • Oooo…you are going to LOVE it! Just finished three little side tables in white and Paris Grey. Just need to take some photos! I’m sure your sewing desk is going to be very happy in it’s new digs! 🙂 Happy painting ~ Judy

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