My Husband’s $5.00 Coffee Table

Normally my husband and I go treasure hunting together, but a couple of weeks ago I was unable to go and look what he brought back with him…

 He was extremely proud that he only paid $5.00.  He said; “Honey, I bought this for you, just to have fun with!”  Actually…it was quite sweet!  Obviously this piece used to be a dining table that someone converted into a coffee table.  There is no leaf so Dave secured the opening for me so it no longer opens up.
 After a good cleaning (lots of cobwebs), I brought out the power sander to smooth off the rough edges.
 Next, I went through my paint closet for inspiration.  I have several gallons of blues and greens so I thought I might mix them up a bit.  I don’t usually use a roller but I knew in the instance, I would be sanding again so it really didn’t matter.  No chalk paint used here.  SHOCKER!!!  Chalk paint just wasn’t needed for this project!
 My first coat of paint was actually white, then green and finally blue!
I wasn’t too fussy about applying the paint since I knew I wanted to expose all the colors later.
 OK, so I’m suppose to have fun with this, what can I do?  I went to my stencil drawer and there were all these numbers starring back at me.  I’ve seen several clock tables on Pinterest so I thought I’d give it a whirl.

I painted the base of the table a tan color so I thought I’d paint the numbers the same.  The hardest part was really getting the numbers evenly spaced in a circle.  I ended up just eye balling it!

Next, I outlined each number in black.

 The power sander came back out and then I used a mixture of clear and dark wax for distressing.

So what do you think?  It really was fun to paint something not so serious.  This would be cute on a back patio or deck.  

Have a fabulous week!

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  2. I love it, Judy! What a fun piece! Your hubby did good finding this great table for $5.00.

  3. Tell your husband he did a great job–how fun!

  4. Aren’t you the lucky one to have such an awesome hubs with a good eye for a bargain? Love how you rehabed her. The clock is perfect on top.
    You have inspired me about how I’m going to paint, decorate a little table to be used as a night stand in our room. I bought a neat stencil at HL with clock faces, etc. on it so am going to use that stencil randomly on my table after I paint her. Now I’m anxious to get started. I’ve been waiting til the “light bulb” came on as to how she was going to be redone.

  5. How fun is that?!!!!!!
    You did a great job Judy! And yes! I’d love it on my back porch. 🙂
    What a sweet husband to surprise you with something so full of possibility!

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