Marble Top Console

My poor husband, I’m truly NOT trying to break his back but I just can’t resist some pieces!  Look at the marble top on this console, who could pass this up?  I’m just sayin’!


Luckily the marble is removable for easier travel.  I knew I had to paint this piece in grey and white.  As much as I love the original knobs, I can also visualize this piece with crystal knobs for an even more feminine touch.  This would be gorgeous placed at the foot of a bed or used as a TV console.  There is ample storage inside as well.  Thanks sweetie for letting me bring her home!


This is another one of those treasures that are difficult to photograph since it’s so, so big and heavy.  Seriously, you should see our house right now.  There are finished furniture pieces lining every wall in every room.  I’m excited for the market but I’ll be glad to get my house back!  It’s a crazy time at the Ainger’s right now!


The marble is in such perfect condition.  Can you see why I just couldn’t resist?SAM_4355

This console measures in at 5′ wide, 18″deep and 21 1/2″ high.SAM_4354

Hope you have an absolute wonderful weekend!  

Blessings ~ Judy

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  1. Girl .. Get a pen (again) take down my address so you can mail that vision of lovel(ness) to me .. LOVE LOVE UBER love.. YOU couldn’t of posted a better pic…LOVE

    • Thanks so much Sherry…you are the bestest ever!!! Can you even imagine what the shipping would cost for this beauty? I think you better just hop in your truck and can pick it up! We could make a girl’s weekend out of it! HUGS!!!

  2. That would be perfect for holding a big flat screen. I think it will look great in grey with crystal knobs.

    • I totally agree with you Betsy! Thanks so much for stopping by. Hope you are having a lovely weekend! HUGS!!!

  3. It’s a beautiful piece, you did a great job! Glad I’m not the only one that has finished pieces all over the house! 🙂

  4. What a great find!!! It turned out just gorgeous. I can only imagine how heavy that gorgeous slab of marble is!

    • Thank you so much Karen! This has got to be one of my favorite finds! So glad I got to give this piece new life! HUGS!!!

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