Big Changes Coming My Way…

There are some BIG changes again coming my way…I have decided to make the plunge and switch from Blogger to WordPress!  It’s a little bit scary and exciting at the same time!  After attending the Revive Blogger Conference and listening to all the advantages of WordPress it pushed me over the top.  Yikes!  It’s going to be another new adventure for all of us!  So be expecting some more updates shortly!

Are you wondering what treasures I found this past weekend?  Well, here’s a few…

I rearranged my painting schedule and I’m starting on the gorgeous buffet today!  It’s hard to see, but the console picture right in the middle has a beautiful piece of marble inlay.  This piece is going to be absolutely stunning painted in white with a hint of grey.  Lots of good stuff.  I better go get busy!!!

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  1. Oh, so scary. I have toyed around with the idea of changing to WordPress but haven’t made the jump. Ill be interested to see how it goes for you.

    And what a haul! Every Monday you seem to show us some wonderful new things. Do you paint every day all day? I try and work in a couple hours every day but don’t seem to be able to stay on top of the pile in the garage.

    • LOL…I do paint almost everyday. I have a husband that cracks the whip! Just kidding, but he is very organized and keeps me focused. Right now I’m just getting ready for a show so I’m busier than usual. I might have to take the whole month of May off! Haha! 🙂

  2. So scary is right. I actually set up a WordPress site which I haven’t done anything with because it was so difficult for me. I’m sort of technically challenged though. Someday I’ll probably go back and try to figure it out but it might take the motivation of a bloggers seminar to get me there. Maybe YOU could do a WordPress vs. Blogger post!

    Great finds!

    • I will be happy to pass on how the whole transition went for me when it’s all said and done. Believe me…I am technically challenged as well, not to mention time challenged, so I hired a professional to make the switch for me. I’ve only been blogging a little over a year so I just thought it would be easier now rather than later. We’ll see! Thanks Patti. Have a great night! 🙂

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