Switching Places

It’s been a little while since I made the bench that sits at the end of our bed.  We have really come to rely on it; to sit and put on our shoes or even just to place all our accent pillows on it when we go to bed.  A couple of weeks ago, I picked up another bench that I thought would be perfect to redo and place on one side of our dining room farmhouse table.  Once I got it home and set it up to the table, I realized it just wasn’t a good fit. So I painted it, reupholstered it and switched it out with the original bed bench.  I think it is actually going to work out better.  I can slide the bench from the bedroom completely under the table if I need the space since our dining room/kitchen area is quite challenged.  Here’s a few photos along with all the details of what materials I used.

 For the seat; I used a drop cloth my husband purchased at Home Depot for another project.  I still have lots of material left for more projects.  For approximately $6.00, it’s an inexpensive way to reupholster with very durable fabric.
 I really piled on the layers here with CeCe Caldwell’s Chalk Paint.  The original color of the bench was yellow.  I first painted a layer of  Chestnut Brown, then Vintage White and finally Kansas Wheat.  I distressed the entire surface by rubbing it with a damp cloth to expose all the layers, even some of the yellow.  The final step was to wax.  I used a combination of clear and aging wax for just the right effect.

 And here’s a shot of the original bench.  I’m not sure I would have chosen these exact finishes for the dining room but it’s a comfortable, well padded bench and it works!  Now to find the chairs I want for the other side of the table.  (Smiles)

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  1. Looks wonderful! The bench swap was a good idea too….more practical!

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