Shabby Accent Table

Do you remember this little table I did a few weeks ago for a client?  They had left it on my door step with a note that read; “make it blue and shabby”.

Well…I loved it so much that I decided to duplicate it with two more pieces (and for the fact that I had a little left over paint).  One for me to keep and place in my guest room as a nightstand and the other to sell.  Here’s a picture of the one I just put in my space at Furniture Affair today.



 Isn’t she sweet?

Guest room photos ↓

 This room is not quite complete but it’s getting there.  Although, I’m not sure any room will ever be completely done since I keep changing things around, buying new items and selling others.  You know how it goes!  Haha!!!

 This is my little iron jack door stop!
 The cabinet my dad built for me many, many years ago!  I still LOVE it!  It’s been used for so many things, but right now I’m using it as a library.  I’ve been thinking about re-painting it, what do you think?
Our guest room is very small so this nightstand fits perfectly in the space.  I was originally just going to paint it white but I like having some playful color added.  I still put a queen size bed in this room because I wanted our quests to feel comfortable.  I have a low shelf in the closet for suitcases to sit on.

I’m still in the process of changing some of our accessories from Tuscan Style to Cottage Style.  This table lamp is left over from our home in Idaho.  It’s been an extreme transition but I’m having a great time!  Hopefully I’ll be able to post an entire tour of our little desert cottage in the very near future plus show you a few photos of where we came from so you’ll better understand what I’m talking about!  That will be a FUN post!

Until then…hope you are all having a great week!

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  1. I’d love to see how you made the transition!

  2. What color blue is that? I also love that quilt!!

    • Hi Lynn…I’m in trouble now! 🙂 This was a bunch of colors mixed together to make this grayish blue. I had some left over after painting a custom order so I was just using it up. The base color was Misty Blue by Behr paint. It’s really pretty, soft blue! Hope this helps!

  3. Your little table is adorable!

  4. Just beautiful! And I love your quilt! x

    • Oh thank you so much. I found this quilt at Penney’s a few years ago before my Mother-in-law was coming for a visit. Quilts are so fun and easy to fold up tight and store away if need be. Have a great night!!! 🙂

  5. What a darling night table that made. You did a great job.

    Thanks for visiting.


  6. Very cute – and I love the iron jack doorstop!

  7. it looks terrific, Judy. And yes, paint the “library” – it will still be a cherished treasure that your father built, just more in style with what you’re working with nowadays.

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