From Standard Builder Grade to Vintage Glam

Happy Friday!!!  So I think I’ve mentioned to you before that I’ve been looking for a vintage chandelier ~ for several months now!  Yesterday, I finally brought one home with me…well kinda.  It’s really a vintage look alike.  I would LOVE to say I picked this up at a garage sale and only paid $20.00 for it but that just isn’t the case.  While checking out some new shops with my husband, gathering product information and pricing, our travels took us to Lamps Plus in Peoria, AZ.  As I was weaving through the isles entranced by all the pretty bling, I suddenly stopped in my tracks.  There is was, THE chandelier!!!  Originally $599, marked down to $399, marked down to $199, after asking about Designer’s discount I was out the door at just $179.  Whoohoo!  I know that if it’s at all possible, go vintage over new ~ but on this girls budget, new was much less than any vintage chandeliers I’ve been able to come across.  We came right home and immediately went to work.  My husband graciously did the installation and then I spent the next hour placing all the crystals, bending every wire and then finding every hole to gently place each crystal.  While I cleaned up, Dave ran up to McDonalds and brought home a romantic dinner-for-two under the glow of our new chandelier.  Haha!


 and now…

 Really I DO have more seating, I just don’t have them re-finished yet.  And I still can’t decide on a area rug but I do think I need one.  We’ll see once I get the rest of the chairs in place.

Hope your weekend is an extra special one!!!

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  1. Perfect Judy, the chandy fits the space wonderfully and brings so much character to the room:)

  2. Gorgeous chandelier, Judy! I’ve bought new myself after finding some antique working ones were just too much for my budget. The last thing I got from Lamps Plus was my living room ceiling fan with chandelier. I needed a fan but wanted a pretty light, too. Luckily I was able to get both.

  3. That was just a bingo buy!!!! im am just in love with that and you got a DEAL!!! Chandaliers are ridicilously expensive!!!


  4. What a difference Judy. No wonder you grabbed that chandy while you could. It’s very pretty, love the style and all the gorgeous crystals. Happy for you to find what you wanted. I’m jealous.

  5. I love it–and you got a great deal! It looks very much like my dining chandelier–mine is also new, it is a reproduction. I love mine and I am sure you will continue to love yours!

    • Thanks so much Sandy! I just went over to your blog and looked at your chandelier…it’s BEAUTIFUL too!!! My husband didn’t really see the need for it but he’s happy that I’m happy. He always just says; “Your the Designer, what do I know?” I’m so lucky to have such awesome support! Have a wonderful weekend! HUGS!!!

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