Don’t Laugh…You Know You’ve Done It Too!

Don’t laugh…you know you’ve done it too, or am I the only crazy one?  I have really been wanting to find the last two chairs for the left side of our dining room table to complete the set, and today I found them.  Yay!!!   However, I had to buy the entire dining room set in order to get them.

I’m just crazy about the back design!  Made by Drexel Heritage.  Of-course I will be painting and re-upholstering to match our existing chairs.

 As you can see in this photo, these chairs are greatly needed.  So we’ll see how it all looks together once they’ve had their makeover!

And here’s the entire set stacked up in our garage.  Luckily we were able to make room for them.  I’ll be selling the remaining table, three leaves and four chairs very soon.

I purchased the entire set for just $90.00.  Not too bad!  Once I sell the other pieces, I’ll have my two chairs for FREE!

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  1. How fun it is to have found a match! They are beautiful chairs. Some I would like to have eventually but as for now, will have to settle with grandmas old set.

  2. Girl .. Those chairs are Fabulous and I have done that before. BTW I love that table of yours.. That is a keeper.. I love that in the end you will get them for what I call FREE 90 FREE .. and nothing is better than that on finding the perfect piece ………………. Hugs and hope that you all have a blessed Easter

  3. What a great find, can’t wait to see what you do with them.
    Have a great Easter.

  4. Great find and I would have done it too!! Happy Easter!!


  5. Wow, what a great price, Judy! Great chairs and I’m sure they will look even better once you are done with them.

  6. Cool! And what fun to actually get more than what you needed so cheaply – great option when you have a business of selling remade furniture!

  7. Free works! It’s such a beautiful set, I totally get why you bought it just for the two chairs.

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