Rustic Farm Table

Wow…I have wanted to do this for such a looooong time.  My hubs is the best…he makes all my dreams come true!  We personally have an old farm table in our dining room and I LOVE it!  So, I’ve been wanting to re-create it for others to enjoy in their own homes.  I will be taking this one to Furniture Affair in the morning.  It will be priced at $575.00 but can also be custom ordered in any color and any size.  Ours has a drawer in it, and that too can be added.  In the pictures below, you will see the table finished with stain and then the final finish with the base and legs painted using layers of grey and white and then sanded with a power sander to distress.  I like it both ways, how about you?

I thought you might enjoy seeing the process of how this table was built…
It all started with just a few pieces of wood.
 First things first ~ build a box for the base.  Cut, glue and staple into place.
 Next, taper the legs.  Can you see how the two in the middle have already been done.  My husband built the tool to do this, it’s beyond my skill set.  He told me he could have bought it for $20 but instead built it for $10.  He’s all about saving money when you can.  I would have had to not only buy the tool but take a class on how to use it!!!
 Then it all starts taking shape by connecting the legs to the base.  I even got to do some of the stapling!

 Next step ~ we added the top.  Three planks of knotty pine.  I just love the smell of fresh cut wood.
 It’s hard to believe this was created from a few boards and sticks!
 We then stained the entire table from top to bottom including underneath so it’s completely finished.
 I was happy with it just like this but I wanted to show two different finishes so I proceeded on.
 I added a french grey color to the base and legs (I should have taken a pic of that…it looked really good too) and then I painted a layer of watered down vintage white, I wanted to make sure some of the grey came through.
 The final touch ~ sanded it down with a power sander to expose all the layers and the grain of the wood.  This was my favorite part of the entire process.
After I deliver it to the store in the morning I will rub on some beeswax to protect the finish.  While moving it around in the pickup, I would rather lay it on a blanket on it’s top so I don’t want to add that step until it’s securely in it’s place.  I’ll take more pics then, it will give a richer tone to the stained top.

So here it is…there are so many possibilities with a table like this.  Mix and match chair and bench options.  I like the industrial look using metal chairs with a country table too.  I’m still collecting chairs for around my table, it’s so much fun!

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  1. Judy ………… Can we say PERFECT !! Why yes we can sister…LOVE LOVE it .. That table is awesome girl

  2. Looks great–who would have thought it is new and not vintage? Love it!

  3. We had a similar table made locally with some reclaimed barn floor boards – I just love the look. The carpenter only put a simple flat white finish on the legs and base – think I’ll add some depth with some grey and sanding.

    I’m sure yours will fly out of the store!!

    • Thanks Heather…yours sounds lovely too. Our clients can have the option for vintage barn wood but their is a cost increase so we opted to use the knotty pine to keep the cost down. I’ll keep you posted on the sale! 🙂

  4. Lovely! I think you and your hubby make a great team!

  5. Looks wonderful! I have a builder husband too and they are worth their weight in gold!

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