Revive Bloggers Conference Giveaway!!!

Here’s your opportunity for a FREE ticket to the first annual Bloggers Conference right here in the Phoenix area!  I’ve already signed up and would LOVE to see you there too!!!  To win, you must live in the Phoenix area!  Click here to sign up!!!

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  1. That is awesome.. I would love to go to that .. Not close to us though .. Do they do this only in your area… : WHO knows maybe i can talk some girls into a road trip … HUGS sister and thanks for posting this .. LOVE this

    • Wow…wouldn’t that be cool, to be able to meet in person at such a fun event! This is first conference for this area. I’ve thought about attending at other locations so I’m very excited that my friends at Junk in the Trunk decided to host one here. I’ll post event pics and share with everyone afterwards. I’m excited!!!

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