Pillow Talk

WOW, yesterday was really a multi-task day!  It started out bright and early with a trip over to Scottsdale to paint the music room for a client.  Really it was just one wall but it was covering up red so it took a few hours with a lot of climbing up and down the ladder and cutting in.  After two coats were applied, I re-arranged the furniture and was off to the next appointment.  Met with sub-contractors for a kitchen reno and then my sweet husband treated me to lunch. Next, back home to clean house and pull some weeds outside.  Our Neighborhood Bible Study Group is meeting at our house tonight!  My Easter candy is bought and the candy dishes are filled!!!  I needed one last touch; to change the red pillow to neutral for season.  I was going to make a trip to the fabric store but really I didn’t have the time.  While I was cleaning up I noticed I had a little bit of pretty fabric left over from a previous upholstery job.  PERFECT!!!  I didn’t want to permanently get rid of the red pillow so I quickly made a slip cover.  Now it can be removed to be washed and/or next winter when I want to decorate with reds again.  The pillow is 18″ square so I measured and cut a strip of material at 19 1/2″ wide, leaving plenty of length for the fold in the back.  It’s a little loose but this pillow is not very fluffy and I wanted it to be big enough for a future, thicker pillow.  So…gotta run, still have lots to do before our company arrives!


 The Back Pocket↓


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  1. Great job on the pillow cover! Sounds like you are happily busy – God Bless.

  2. Love how a simple pillow cover can change things so beautifully. Love the lighter look for the spring.

  3. Love the new cover–I have used that fabric before too–it is a great neutral!

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