Coastal Chippy Table

What a GREAT day!  Got so much accomplished that my hubby took me out on date!  Finally got to see Les Miserables before it left the theaters.  We both enjoyed it very much…and this was a movie he originally didn’t want to go see.  Anyway, I finished painting our new fireplace mantel, painted several pieces out in the garage (they are at all different stages) and painted the bedside table on my husband’s side of the bed.  New posts with photos will follow soon.

I truly have some of the most amazing clients.  I have shared with you before a Coastal Inspired family room in the making.  I have re-done a desk, chair and side table for these very special clients previously and I just finished this sweet little accent table for them as well.  They just dropped it off the other day when I wasn’t home, left it on the front porch with instructions to paint it a grayish blue and highly distress.  They found this treasure in a closet, a little beat up, but nothing some paint couldn’t fix!  I told my husband; “if they don’t like it, I would be happy to take it off their hands.”  It’s sitting in my living room at the moment for safe keeping.


As you can see it’s a little rough.  Before I started painting, my husband glued down some of the peeling veneer. 
I mixed four different paint colors to come up with this shade of blue…hope they don’t ask for another piece to match, I’ll be in trouble!  Haha
After distressing, you would never know the issues it previously had.  Another one saved from the junk pile! Yeah!!!

 This unique frame was red until yesterday.  I’ve had it on my to-do list and decided it was time for it’s makeover.  I removed eight tiny screws to remove the metal legs, painted white and two shades of blue then sanded.  Here’s a before photo from when it sat up in the loft of our cabin.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. I love that little table–the chippiness turned out just perfect!

  2. Judy,
    Your tables turned out perfect:) Can’t wait to see your mantel reveal. I have seen the live production of Les Miserables, great show!

  3. I`m so glad I found your inspirating blog.

    Have a great sunday

  4. Best example of a chippy table I’ve seen in a while – love it!

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