Chalk Paint and Burlap

Aren’t little accent stools just so much fun?  My husband and I are always on the lookout for these when we go pick’n!  We don’t care if they have cushions or if they’re solid wood.  They are always just add so much character to a room.  I used a mix of different chalk paint colors I had in my closet and then distressed to expose the wood and layers of paint.
It’s pictured below on the right after we brought it home, along with a few other treasures!
 Whew…I had just enough of this printed burlap material left over from the bench I recovered that now sits at the end of our bed.  It had to be placed Oh so carefully so that I had enough material to wrap all the way around and staple into place.  I don’t know how some people reupholster all by themselves?  I am so lucky to have my hubby by my side and always willing to lend a hand (or two).
 After attending the Revive Blogging Conference last Saturday, I learned that 1 1/2 hours after sunrise and 1 1/2 hours before sunset is the best time to photograph outdoors.  It’s called the Golden Hour!  I carefully placed my little stool in complete shade (as told by the professional) and snapped my shots.  So how did I do?  They all look clear and good to me plus I felt like a professional while taking them.  (Smiles)
 We have no grass, only rock gardens here in AZ.  Sometime we drive to our neighborhood park to take pictures, just for something different.

Oh wait, what happened?  I got a little side tracked.  I still can’t get over the fact that I can have such beautiful flowers in my garden year round here.  So beautiful ~ and it’s the middle of February!!! 

Hope you are having a blessed week!

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  1. That looks wonderful!

  2. From ordinary to sweet! Nice pics.

  3. You have so inspired me. I’ve been wanting a foot stool or ottoman and think I’ve come up with a solution looking at your incredible stool. Where did you find that burlap fabric? It’s awesome, love the print. I need it. Your foot stool is so darned cute.
    Whenever I go into a fabric store now I’m on lookout for different burlap fabrics or duck fabrics. I found a little coffee table today at our local thrift store for $5 and think it would be perfect for a footstool/ottoman. Can’t be real big as we have a small l/r. So hope that coffee table is still there tomorrow.
    Reading about your weather in Phoenix makes me really wish we’d moved back to Tucson so we could have flowers and nice weather. Living in CO with the winter we’ve had is getting old. We also lived in San Diego area for 21 yrs. Why did we leave that gorgeous weather? DUH!!!lol Happy Days Judy

    • Thank so much for your sweet compliment…I’m glad you are inspired! The little coffee table sounds a like a great find at just $5.00. Can’t beat that! Regarding the fabric; I purchased the end of the roll at Joanns one day and haven’t seen again since. Someone told me you can still order it online though so you might want to check that out! We lived in CO for 6 months in 2009 so I understand what you’re going through. We love the weather here in AZ! :) Stay warm ~ Judy

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