Think Pink ~ Let’s Vote

So…what do you think of the color PINK?  I don’t know if it’s because Valentine’s Day is just around the corner or what, but I can’t wait to find a piece of furniture to paint pink!  I know it narrows the pool of buyers, but if it’s the right piece it will bring the right buyer, right?  Here’s a few inspirations I think are soooo pretty and unique.  Of-coarse, I’ve seen several more but if I shared them all it would be a very long post.  I also added a few other fun “pink” items other than just furniture.  Out of the six pieces of furniture, what’s your favorite?




Just so pretty!
source unknown ~ if you know, please let me know so I can give credit for this beauty!
Old Books!

Sun Catcher
My future guest house!  (Dreaming)


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  1. Love PINK!! Beautiful choices!

  2. 2 🙂

  3. Pretty in PINK I say !!!!! Love it all .. Cant go wrong with a pretty pink.. I just found an old stand up jewelry BOX .. I think I am going to paint it PINK !!! Have a blessed week …………….As always LOVE your blog

  4. Oh crikey…its hard to pick a favourite!!! No 5 is stunning, the old books…just dreamy and that mobile home…I want me one of those!:)

    Thanks for showing us that pink is to die for!


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