Louis Blue Buffet

♫ I’m so happy, I’m so happy ♫….Oh sorry, don’t mind me, I’m just singing to myself!  Heehee!

This little treasure was just transformed from an ugly salmon color to this beautiful ASCP Louis Blue! 

She’s the newest member of the Ainger family!  Yep, you heard me right!  This time I’m the one saying she must stay!!!  I have just enough paint left to paint the plate rack that hangs above her so that is next on my list (along with several other projects).

Here’s all the details:  First things first ~ a coat of Old White.  Next, came a coat of Louis Blue.  I only have a sample size of Louis Blue so I opted to leave the top a solid color and added another coat of Old White.  Once it was all completely dry, I distressed it with a damp cloth then brushed on a coat of clear wax and then a second coat of blended clear and dark wax.  Let me know what you think?  I still might go back with straight dark wax to highlight the corners, edges and details a little more.  I buffed the entire buffet with a smooth cloth (old cut up t-shirt) and the Hubs put these adorable original pulls back on.  Whew…done!  Now of-coarse it’s dark outside so out came the bright lights, a few decorations and she was ready for her camera shoot!

Before photo↓

 Yeah…more storage!

 What do you think of my new wire baskets?  Picked them at the Flea Market in Quartzside AZ this week while visiting my Father-in-law and Mother-in-law.  They are vendors at the show and will be coming here next week when the show is over.

Good news, I think I finally have my husband convinced to change the counter tops in the kitchen sooner than later.  They are in perfect condition but really…they’re PURPLE!  Ugh!  

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  1. Glad to find you. Thx for stopping by Hillcrest Cottage!!! I love this color. I have some in my studio and will be doing a couple of projects with it soon. It gives color but I think it is quite neutral as well..love it!

  2. Hi Judy!
    Your Louis Blue dresser turned out wonderful! Thanks for stopping by my blog. It gave me a chance to come see you! I took some time to look at some of your previous posts. You have refinshed some wonderful pieces.
    The Comforts of Home

  3. Beautiful!! Love the color!!


  4. She looks stunning and I love the contrast of the white top. I heart those wire basketsn too….:)


  5. I love Louis Blue, Judy and this looks so much better than the coral. I did a little candlestick table in the blue, but it never sold. Now it’s Pure White and will probably fly out of the booth.

    Love the wire baskets – are they egg gathering baskets?

    • Thanks Heather…and you’re probably right, now that you painted your table white it will sell immediately. I knew I wanted to keep this little beauty for awhile so I don’t have to worry about selling it! 🙂 The baskets are new, just made to look old but they DO have the shape of the vintage egg basket I own. I don’t have many small items to help stage my furniture pieces so I just picked up a few things at the flea market. I really don’t care if they sell or not. I just need them to look pretty. lol

  6. It’s beautiful – love how the top is white, it really makes the blue color pop

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