Using Outdoor Lighting Inside

A little review…
Here’s a photo of our kitchen when we first moved into our little Arizona Cottage in November of 2011.  Pretty sad I know, but we could see the potential through the track lighting, kicked in back door, lovely oak cabinets with a purple glaze and lavender painted walls.
Here’s what we accomplished prior to Christmas in 2011.  We believe in digging in and getting the job done!!!  As you can see, we have a small alley kitchen and so I felt I still might need track lighting (only a more fashionable statement) to be able to see at every station.  However, we have had nothing but trouble with this light fixture over the past year so today we made a change.

As my husband and I browsed around the lighting section of Home Depot (who graciously took the old light fixture back), nothing really grabbed us until we got to the outdoor lighting section.  This lantern was labeled “NEW” and we both were drawn to it.  The one thing we didn’t think about was that our ceiling is slanted and so when we installed it, it hung crooked.  Hmmm…how could we fix this?  I suggested removing the poll and replacing it with a chain so it would swing straight.  My husband’s solution ~ get back up on the ladder and bend the poll until it looked straight.  If it broke, it would just be a $60.00 Oops!!! (So much laughter)  I’m glad his quick fix worked!!!
 One 100 watt light bulb gives out more light than the track lighting gave!  Score!!!
So what do you think?  I’m kinda lov’n it!!!

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