Pretty in White

Merry Christmas everyone!!!   I have to say, I’m just squeaking by these days.  I started getting sick on Wednesday and I’ve been done for the count ever since.  No fun at all.  There is so much I wanted to do and still want to do over the holidays but I’m lucky to even be sitting at the computer right now.  So thankful for a husband that takes such good care of me.  I finished up these projects I want to share with you today just before I got sick.  Dave took them down to the shop today, I managed to sneak along for the fresh air but back to lounging on the couch again. 

Pure White Cane Chair ↓

Pure White Nightstand ↓

Grey & White Vanity Chair ↓

Grey & White Nightstand ↓

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  1. Everything looks better in white in my opinion 🙂 I have that second chair sitting in my garage just waiting for a transformation–you have inspired me 🙂

    • Awesome!!! We picked up that chair at an auction. It was at the bottom of a wardrobe moving box that no one wanted. We picked up two boxes for $12.00. There were some other goodies as well so it was a good buy. Good luck with your chair!!!

  2. Beautiful! LOVE that chair and nightstand.Hope you are feeling better soon! My daughter woke up with a cold today 🙁 .Just in time for Christmas.

  3. I love white and grey! These are all so very lovely! Have a Merry Christmas!

  4. Sorry to hear you’re not feeling well – I’ve had the flu for the last 3 days along with a houseful of visitors. Haven’t been able to do much either. But I think you were much more productive before you got sick. Love the white chair!

    Feel better soon so you can enjoy the holidays.

  5. Best wishes for a wonderful holiday season and to getting well. Been on a few blogs where people are sick. Some nasty bug must be going around all over the country.
    We stay home alot so maybe we miss all the nasty bugs, hope so. Our daughter had some kind of bug, lost her voice, sore throat, coughing. No thank you. Hope you’ll be all better for Christmas day and if everything doesn’t get done the world won’t end. We think we have to do everything as Mom’s and wives but we can be excused now and then. Not like you wanted to get sick. Glad you have a helpful hubby.

  6. So sorry you are ill. My hubby and I had that ‘bug’ during Thanksgiving. I hope you are better for Christmas Day!
    I love the pure white cane chair. Did you cover the seat with drop cloth or canvas? It’s a perfect chair!
    Merry Christmas! LC

    • Thanks so much Linda. Actually, I just used my good old stand by to recover this chair. It’s only $3.99 a yd. at Hobby Lobby and so easy to work with. You can also pick it up at JoAnn’s for $5.99 a yd. From our house to yours ~ Merry Christmas!!!

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