It’s Snowing In My Village

I just LOVE the Spirit of Christmas!  Celebrating the birth of Jesus!

This afternoon I finished up this table I purchased about a week ago.  I bought it specifically for this spot in my kitchen/dining area.  If you recall, I had borrowed a table that was for sale to fill this space earlier so I could display some of my Dicken’s Village.  This table actually works much better!  I stained the top and painted the base Misty Blue and then highly distressed.  My web designer Karen @ Valentine Design, is in the process of creating a template for a large business banner for me so the first photos were shot for her and then I designed my little village.  I told my husband it’s like playing with a doll house only it’s an adult version. He surprised me with a few new pieces today…an early Christmas gift.  He is such a special guy!  (I took a few close up photos to share with you.)  Tomorrow we are celebrating our wedding anniversary.  We have a whole day of activities planned, it’s going to be a great day!!!

Before pic ↓

The man of the house replaced the bulbs & wiring so there are only a few wires hanging down…you should have seen the mess I had before he stepped in.  
Oh look…it’s snowing!!!  HoHoHo

 It’s a puppet show!  This is one of my surprises today.  He picked it up at an auction for just $1.25.  No, your eyes are not playing tricks on you.  This one and the next were only $1.25.
  And this poultry stand…
He picked up several houses for just $15.00 each.  WOW, what a score!  Good thing we just added all those new cabinets in our garage so I have a place to store all these new goodies!

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  1. Bellissimo….baci dall’Italia JERRY

  2. The village is just darling, reminds me of home. My mom always decorated with a large village scene. Thanks for the memories:)

  3. I am so impressed, your village is incredible, lots of pieces I’ve never seen. Lucky deal your hubby finding the new pieces. It is so fun to tinker and place the pieces, could play all day.
    Makes me wish I’d put my village up this year. I have a little nook in living room with shelves but decided not to put village on them, after seeing yours wish I had now. Ah well there’s always next year. We don’t have room for a table or a tree but the shelves would serve very well to put village on. Or we have a shutter shelf hubs made I’d thought of putting village on it. Maybe next year I’ll do both. You have truly inspired me. Enjoy yours. Happy week.

    • I completely understand. I went several years without them as we moved around the country. I was so happy to finally settle and be able to put up a tree again along with all the other decorations. Hope you have a wonderful week too! ~ Judy 🙂

  4. Great job on the table, Judy. Don’t know where you find the time to paint right now. And I love the Dickens village – have a Dept 56 village that I haul out every year. Wasn’t going to do it this year till one of the my (grown) kids said they had to have it or it wouldn’t be Christmas at Mom’s. Awww.

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