Greeting Guests

I was presented with a very special gift this morning.  My husband brought home an array of fresh flowers to decorate the outdoors for Christmas.  We have some very special friends & family coming over tomorrow and he knew how much I would love to see the planters filled with colorful plants.  Thank you Sweetie for your kind heart and thoughtfulness!!!

Even the leaves are pretty on this plant!  Wow!!!

Here’s a project in the making.  A bench made out of two ladder back farm chairs.  I haven’t had the chance to paint it yet but it didn’t stop me from dressing it for Christmas Day!
Our outdoor water faucet is in the worst location ever so Dave bought this big pot and pretty plant to help disguise it.  Someday we may go through the trouble of having it moved but for now, this works for me!

Joann’s was having a 70% off sale the other day and I picked up a couple of sprays to fill my faux moss olive jar.
My outdoor chandelier…I just added a few pine cones for filler.  Would love to have branches but didn’t want to invite all the birds to nest so had to keep it simple.

 And here’s a few evening shots.  These battery operated candles were purchased at Costco for just $19.99 with a remote control included.  How wonderful is that?
Dave placed these lit pieces on a timer to shine the way to our front door.  They are resting on another unfinished piece. (It’s so fun borrowing from my workshop.  I can just change things up all the time.)
 And last but not least, a Christmas wreath to hang on the front gate to greet our guests.

From our cottage to yours, Merry Christmas everyone!

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  1. Beautiful! Merry Christmas to you too Judy!

  2. Looks lovely, Judy – a bright greeting for your family. Merry Christmas~

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