Cute Little Burlap Stool

Here’s a little project that had been set aside and kind of forgot about.  While getting ready for the last show of the season, I was really just pounding out the projects and didn’t have time to stop and take before pictures.  I know, I’m bad!!!  But seriously, every minute had to be productive or I wouldn’t have had anything to sell last weekend! (Smiles)  So…I just happen to have a piece of this burlap fabric barely big enough to fit the top of this stool.  I really lucked out!  I love the storage.  It would be great for knitting needles or for those cards and letters you receive in the mail that you don’t want to throw away but not sure where to put them.  I painted the exterior white and then put an overlay of CeCe Caldwell’s Chalk Paint Young Kansas Wheat.  I distressed with a damp cloth and there ya have it!!!

It was a fun weekend at Recycled Ranch Flea Market last weekend.  Thanks Brenda for all your hard work!

My husband and I are working on a complete garage makeover right now.  If you’d like to see an update, come visit my FB page.  I’ll post complete before and after photos here as soon as we’re done, along with a list of all the materials we used.  Can’t wait!!!

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  1. That’s a cutie of a stool! Bet it won’t last long at the market.

  2. Love little stools like this, Judy! The burlap looks great. I’ve been looking for something myself to use my burlap on, but the prices haven’t been right.

  3. Love the stool, and that it has storage space. I just used CC paint on a project, it was my first time using it. Love all the colors it comes in.

  4. what a treat!

  5. This is delectable! I adore the alteration and how it opens up! : D


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