Antique Wash Stand

It’s not very often you come across a piece like this in such excellent condition.  The mirror is solid!!!  This piece had already been painted white when I got it but it was extremely dirty.  So, I washed it up and put a fresh coat of homemade chalk paint on it and re-sanded to distress.  It’s such a charming treasure, I’m sure it won’t be mine for long!  In fact, I have a client who loves it so much that I’m getting a quote to re-build it without the mirror for her bathroom.  It can only be 12 inches deep, hence the reason we must have it built.  I will then distress it to replicate this piece.  I just LOVE playing with furniture.  It would be easier to transport jewelry or some other craft, but I just can’t help myself…furniture restoration is my passion!

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  1. Gorgeous piece, Judy! I just love the mirror portion.

  2. Beautiful piece Judy! Love that oval mirror and the distressing is perfection!

  3. That is so cute! I need a piece like that in my dining room!

  4. Gotta love that wash stand. We had one similar that was an old English piece. We held onto it for long time but no room in recent home so gave it to our daughter and family. Her husband gel stained it and it is absolutely gorgeous. Hey I want it back. No I wouldn’t do that to them but I wouldn’t mind if they got tired of it. Ours didn’t have the mirror on back, just a little back piece. When we bought, it had a black finish on it typical of furniture shipped from England to protect pieces from the weather.
    Love how you refinished your wash stand, it would be an excellent piece for a vanity in a bathroom. Lucky client.

    • Funny you should say that…I have someone looking right now at it for a bathroom vanity! 🙂 Sorry you had to give yours up but I’m sure your daughter and family are enjoying it. At-least you get to go visit! lol

  5. Love it, Judy. The mirror is really unique – haven’t seen a washstand with a mirror still intact for quite awhile.

  6. What a wonderful piece…such a treasure. You did a fabulous job painting and distressing. Just beautiful!

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