The Chair Meets It’s Match

Yay, I’ve got a photo!!!  In my last post I mentioned how my very special clients have purchased several items from me but I had yet to see the space they were going to.  After picking up the chair this morning (and me giving them a bad time) I received this photo.  Thanks so much…it looks AWESOME!!!

I’m so glad I had previously redone their desk so I knew exactly what paint color to use on the chair.  Notice the light blue walls (looks like it matches the squiggly lines running through the fabric perfectly) and the seashell bowl placed on the desk.  This beach themed work space is now complete!

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  1. Very pretty…I love the lines of the chair! And the color too!

  2. Very nice color! Now all they need is an old black royal typewriter to finish the scene (the one with the black keys and silver writing on the keys or gold. 🙂 That just makes me want the sunshine sigh.

  3. Great match, Judy. it looks wonderful together.

  4. What a lovely spot to work! Great job – I’m sure they are very happy with it!

  5. Judy …My chair looks fabulous with that desk…………… Wish I was close by .. I would swing by and pick them both up…………… HUGS

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