Decorating For Christmas At Our Home

It is a tradition in our household to decorate for Christmas every Thanksgiving after dinner.  But this year I just couldn’t wait!  We have graciously been invited by our dear friends to join them for Thanksgiving at their home so I knew I wouldn’t be home to do any decorating.  My husband carried in all the Christmas containers and put up the tree.  Then, with Christmas music playing the fun began!  What are your holiday plans this year?  Our youngest son, Bronson will be joining us from Philadelphia.  We are so grateful he will be here but wishing that all our children and grandchildren could join us!

So…here’s some 2012 Christmas photos of our home.

Saint Nick was a gift given to us several years ago from an employee.  She made it.  He always scares us at-least once every year ’cause he looks so real.  She did an amazing job.
Thought I should explain this next photo.  It’s my latest project (Broyhill China Cupboard) and I’ve decided to keep it for myself.  Merry Christmas to me!!!  The base coat has been painted, second color has been added to the base and I plan to add a third color.  Thank goodness for chalk paint so I can paint it right where it sits.  Lots to do yet, but excited for more storage in our little desert cottage!  I’ve already placed all my decorative napkins in the center drawer.
The snowman is sitting on my childhood musical wood rocking chair.  Thanks mom & dad for saving it for me.
Pottery Barn raindeer that have followed me all over the U.S.  They were always so hard to pack but it was worth it.  Still LOVE them nine years later.
The table runner was a gift from my beautiful cousin Patti.  It fits perfectly on our farm table.
All my Department 56 Dickens collection was a gift from my husband.  I even have the train set too.  He spoils me!  I’ll add a few more photos once I finish decorating.
This little table is for sale but I borrowed it from the garage so I could display more pieces.  And it’s not the only one I borrowed.  Haha!  We really need to do some serious picking for our own house!

 Wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. So festive! That life size Father Christmas is amazing. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  2. Very pretty, Judy! I will probably get my bins down from the attic tonight and get started first thing tomorrow. I’ve been very eager to get to it, too, but restrained myself.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. That’s the biggest Santa I’ve ever seen in a home! Love the village and it all is so pretty and festive. Can’t wait to see the hutch all decked out! ~ Maureen

  4. It looks beautiful! I have a Dept. 56 collection too and it’s one of my special Christmas treasures. Can’t wait to see what you do with the china cabinet – it’s going to look awesome.

  5. Where do I start? You have really done everything up so beautifully and festive. Sure getting me in the mood to do some decorating anyway. Your life size Santa is incredible. Love how you displayed your village. Will be looking forward to seeing how you decorate your hutch, that’s a nice one.
    I have alot of little village houses and pieces that I say I’m not going to fiddle with almost every year but then I do. House just doesn’t seem right without them. I’ve been collecting them and towing them all over the country when we moved. In our house in KY I had a big table I staged them all on, was so pretty but don’t have the room now in house in CO. We downsized quite a bit. I loved our house in KY but climate there was a killer for somebody with allergies, asthma, and arthritis. Need a dry climate, was so pretty in KY.
    Hope you’re having a wonderful Thanksgiving in AZ. We used to live in Tucson, that’s where I met my husband.

    • Thanks so much! Colorado is a beautiful place too! We downsized as well but I kinda like having my little houses spread all over our home. I even have them in the bathroom! 🙂 They are a lot of work but well worth it! Have fun decorating! 🙂

  6. I just love all your decorations.. I feel CHRISTMAS … YOU made me want to go and pull it all down.. SOOOOOOOOOOOOO Tomorrow … I am on it !!!!!! Hope that your thanksgiving was so blessed !!!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing all your beautiful pics

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  8. Thank you so much for your kind words! Have a wonderful day! 🙂

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