China Cabinet Reveal

WOW…I got it done!  I finally finished late last night with waxing then setting all the pretty dishes.  After going to bed, I remembered my grandmother Herbert’s tea set that has been packed away for years.  I’m going to get it out and rearrange to make room to display it.  Why have it if your not going to use it right?  It’s amazing how much room this china cabinet has made in my kitchen.  So excited!!!  Not much left to do in my dining room.  I’ve picked out my area rug for under the table… it’s on my wish list for Christmas.  My husband likes it too so I know I’m going to get it.  (Smiles)  Still have to find a couple of chairs to replace the ones he sold.  It’s just one of those things that happens when people stop by and shop our home. Haha!

I’m not sure why I don’t have a before pic.  I’ve had this stored in my garage for months.  But I can tell you that it was really out dated.  A muted yellow color with flowers pained on the door fronts.  This photo was taken after I had put the first coat of white on the top half and the second coat of  Young Kansas Wheat on the bottom half.
I wanted to add a pop of color so I accented the back with a light blue and then stenciled a pretty pattern in white.

 The entire base has been finished and rubbed with a damp cloth to distress.  I wanted it to stay light and bright so bringing out the white underneath was needed.
 It’s so nice to have the support of my sweet husband.  He took some time out to screw back on all the doors for me.

 All the original knobs were in great shape so I was able to reuse them.
 Then the fun really began…picking out what would be placed into the cabinet.  I have plenty of pretty dishes but not all would really match the look I’m going for now.  Switching from a Tuscan Style to Cottage Chic is a little challenging.  Hidden in the cabinets below are red, green and orange dishes.  Probably wouldn’t look the best with the light blue background!  
Oh, and take note, there’s a working light that adds a beautiful glow at night.
 Lets see…the floral plate was my grandmother Burdett’s from Canada.  The egg cups I purchased when visiting England where my grandfather grew up.  He would have an egg in a cup every morning for breakfast and these reminded me of him.  They were both such loving grandparents!  I could go on and on but…you get the picture!

Glad I decided to keep this piece.  It adds so much character to our dining room.  Storage is everything when living in such a small space.

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  1. Judy .. YOU are amazing !!! This is just beautiful and the love you put into it … WELL awesome !!! I think this is HGTV worthy sister !!!!!! LOVE IT

  2. I know all about the storage in a small home. I love this piece as it is really thin looking and doesn’t take up a lot of space but has a great impact. So nice! You did a great job 🙂

  3. Thanks for such great photos on your blog. I especially love the china cabinet. I understand completely about changing from Tuscan to Cottage Chic. I hope you will write some more about how you are doing that as I could use some inspiration. One of the greatest pleasures in life is arranging beautiful dishes in a beautiful china cabinet. I know you had fun.

    • Oh, thank you so much Claudia. I’m looking forward to the day when I can share one completely finished room in our home. I’m getting close! The next two weeks I’m re-designing our garage/studio/workshop. Then over the next two months we will be working on completing the interior of our home. I will keep you informed along the way! Blessings ~ Judy

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