Graphic Transfer Table

Oooo…I’ve got to say, transferring graphics onto unique furniture pieces is one of my favorite things to do!  I decided to go rustic with this piece by request of my husband.  I LOVE it!  We just delivered it down to Furniture Affair in my little space.  When The Graphics Fairy first came out with this design I knew I had to find something to use it on.  This table was such a great score and the graphic fits perfectly.  Click here to get your copy!  I used the graphite paper transfer method for this design, click here for the tutorial.

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  1. Very pretty, Judy! Love the colors you chose for this table. There are some graphics that just suit certain pieces to a “T”.

  2. Love this piece–great job on it!

  3. I came over from the comment left on my post on benches and stayed to look at several posts on your tables. I cannot chose a favorite between this one and the distressed white drop leaf table. I think that the green patina and the graphic puts this one ahead! Love all the tables.

    Distressed Donna Down Home

    • Thanks so much Donna! I think I’ll have to agree with you! Isn’t it fun to do some really rustic pieces though? I don’t have to worry so much about transporting them from house to shop and/or shows ’cause if they get bumped or scratched it doesn’t matter ~ it’s suppose to look that way! lol Have a great week! ~ Judy

  4. Very cute – I like the way this turned out!

  5. LOVE how it turned out! I don’t know how you find the images you want on that site though, I find it hard to navigate through. So excited to try out your technique!

    • Thanks so much Michele! I have spent a lot of time looking through The Graphics Fairy site ~ I have learned that if I see something I like and might use in the future, I save it in a file named “graphics” on my computer. Now it’s much quicker when I’m ready to look for a design for a new piece. Tip: Karen names all her designs so when I need the link for a specific design, I just google the name from my saved graphic and it takes me right to it. It’s so easy to blog about it then and not have to search all over again for the graphic & link. Hope this helps! Would love to see your finished product once your done! 🙂

  6. I love the colour you chose for the graphic – so often black is too dark and the subtley of this works so well. I have a coffee table I’m working on right now that just might need a graphic like this.

    • Thanks Heather…it was fun to do the graphic in something other than black for a change. I’ll definitely be doing it again. Would love to see your coffee table when it’s completed! Have a great night! ~ Judy

  7. Darling table – great shape and size and the graphic looks great too!

  8. Such an adorable table! You are very talented. Megan

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